Sunday, April 27, 2008

younger days~

ahh random post again.... err.... went out with my sis n uncle... a week b4 i tink... n had dinner at mall's food court~

not bad this sizzling plate seafood kuew tiaw~ but a lil portion laaa~~

hanging arnd in mall~~ ahh~ walkin arnd after spending sum time in ubd is not bad... refresh my senses in a way? hehe

aaaaaahhh dq!!! long last i had one... tis time i ordered maltesers blizzard.... not bad i shall say... =) my unle his usual.. strawberry banana~ ahhh i like tat too~ but malas order it cuz d banana seems a lil not ripe....if more ripe then nyaman brabis tat~ hehe

my dad when he was younger!!! hahaha my sis went to find for older pics when at home tat weekend... i didn go back home.... so yea.. she took pics~ =)

my sis!!! soooo young~~ hehe this place was back to our place in west msia.... hehe~

tats me!!! hahaha note-> d cake is not mine.. its a combination bday cake for my grandpapa, bro n aunt~ hehe i totally was hyped up~ haaa! bday cake tat big woooor~ =D

ah.... whose bday ahh??? my sis's bday ahhh~ hehehe

fightaaaaaa~~ hahahaa omgosh...papa gainin weight at dat moment~ n look d size of d video cam before!!! its huge n heavy~~ hehehe

ahhhhh this..i was muuuuch younger.. i duno how old eh.... one yrs old?? hehehee wakaranaaai~~~ n my sis n bro sooooo young~~~ ahh~

in some zoo somewher in msia??? i cant remember where~ ahh so cute d 'bus-like' ride... hehhe n me n my grandpa~~ yoooo ppl! X-D

me...lookin at something...?? hehe i think i look fairer before... haaaa wat happen to me noooow??? do i look different now? haha for me.. i tink im darker... n darn d pimples...hehhee =P

ahhhhhhhh i like this pic~~ hehe i duno wat to say anymore... ah wells.. memories~~ i cant remember much things when i was tat little eh~ hhehehee even if ada.... i remember d embarrasing moments la...which im not gona tell here...=P

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