Thursday, April 10, 2008

long week~ i guess??

on sunday!! i woke up late.... did my laundry had light breakfast n tried to start some of my work...but ended up playin minesweeper n spider solitaire... haaa~ n by d time i realised... it was owedi afternoon... then ai len asked if i wanted to go out to get some 'fresh air'.... then off we went to d mall~ got her things n walked arnd n saw azri there with his family... chat a bit n go jalan... then went for late lunch at thien thien for their chicken rice n laksa.... darn... d pricin for chicken rice rose~ darn em~ n their quality are like dropping la... haa~ still satisfied la... then balik to hostel n went to check on d boys(ak. n ziman) in d resco shop.... they got new things for d shop!! n ak. was holding d kotex with a very happy face..i duno.... it was kinda disturbing~ hehe then off me n ai len go to online at fos~ then ziman n ak. joined later.... til arnd 6 something.... went back n bathed n ate dinner n.... wat did i do agn????? waste my nyt away... ahhhhh i remembered!!! i chatted in msn by using by hp as modem... @_@

d next morning.... on monday..... did d flip flops.... ahhh not as bad as d week b4.... at least... i get d thing working~ yaaaay~ but am dreading in a way agn...cuz...i haven abis d previous 2 reports~ -_-

sol n auzi wore the resco uniform!!! hahaha they looked like couples berabis!!! ah wells...most ppl wore it la... n sum ppl joked tat they looked like they r workers in d cafeteria~ haha... me malas wear cuz wore it on saturday liaw~ then had a normal day.... n there was this phone call during my maths class! shocked me! then i called back~~ n this guy asked who i was... abit annoyed i was like...but u called me! who is this?? he-> oh albert was finding for u...i ask him to call u later... who r u? me-> ah??(thinking....albert shim ka?? impossible jua? he was in maths class jua?)...moments later..... he called-> hello?? im from fitness zone.... do u want to redeem a free trial at here?bla bla bla bla~ me-> no thanx... im transport....can i pass?? bla bla blaa~ haa~ he still wana convince me to go for it with his tagalok accent.... n bla bla... ah wells... duno eh...~ n apparently haijah was called by them too! haha these days they r so free calling ppl up ka? hmmm... nywayz went back hostel with erma n haijah... then not long after.... folowed azri back to fos to transfer songs....til late evening~~n darn fos outside... no electricity rupanya~ haaa~ then we went to excapade with chee n mas..... n he lanja-ed us!!! hahahaa thanx!!! but me chee n mas were totally 'hand-brakin' our intake of sushi~ cuz we gona eat agn d next day with shan~ =D

on tuesday~ normal day~ okla nuthin much particular~~ then at night... sushi time!!! n i called them in advance to book a cabin... n ended up???? they tot my name is kevin....bookin for a table for 5!!! shoot laaaa~~~~ fine....nxt time i say i wan to book a room! haaa~~~ cabin=kevin! we were led to sit on d normal table... n all of us bangang faces.. then linna told them we booked a cabin...n still they heard its kevin! haa~~~ sasat we all.... hehe ah wells... they led us to a more quiet place, d other side of escapade....

actually okla....jus abit....ermm moody liaw.... so ordered food food food~~~n d waitress ah.... i ordered salmon asparagus... n she asked how many? i was lke ha? i tot its fixed as in 6 salmon asparagus? she was like...oh one? ....moments later... rupanya wateva we ordered she kept askin how many?? hahhaa normally ppl understand jua? if we want two plates...we will inform maa~ haiyoo... dunolaa~ hehee

half half satisfied.... nvm...with their company... nice~~ hahahaa they r like the 'performers' of d nyt~ lol~ nadawaaaa dun marah ppl~

see wat i mean?? hahaha there was a time... we agreed tat mas looked like a baby~ haha dunola... random conversations~ we were loud as usual~ n luckily there wasnt anyone arnd...except d waitress was owez near our table.. so kinda control abit la... =p

hahhahaa moments?? happy moments?crazy moments? hmmmm everything la!!! tat nyt we were happy, crazy, sasat with the service but satisfied with all those food we ordered~

asked d waitress to help us take grp pic~ hehehe =D

this....randomy random! duno wat they were doing hehe...nywayz... we ate arnd 8+plus ~ haha 5 ppl n each hafta pay 17bucks~ hahaha wat did we eat ??? then.... after tat went to mall jln jln n communist shop jln jln.... bought nuthin~ then woooosh balik hostel~~

once balik hostel.... otw to my room .. saw erma!! haha yumie was braidin her hair~ nice ehh?? they were suggesting to make a braiding service for d resco shop~ hahaha.... spent my time there til like...i duno wat time ehh... hahaha another day wasted~~~

on wednesday~ azri went to pass his HDD to me... but since im otw to campus.... folowed him... n n n ... otw from d masjid to fos... sumthing happened! azri...+ snake-> SHOCKING! haaaaaa i saw tat darn looong huge black thing!!!! freaked out! d snake went to d bushes nearby which is nearby d carpark~~ haa ppl!!! beware n bcareful!!!!! ah wells suppose to start on our presentation thingies....but kinda use most of d time chattin n fooling arnd~ n bjfa??? taicho wasnt there~~ n thus no meeting... jus watchin random clips.... got some funny jokes, advertisements, hard gay, d twisted 'ultraman-like' superhero who love to feel good n totally cracked most of our minds punya clip, a very very cute anime bout a cat....~~ then this very very old movie of this erm i duno how to express punya thingie~ totally made me to leave d room for fos~ whahaha~ went to fos n found no EEEs!!! only chem ppl... feeling a lil depressed suddenly... walked arnd n yeaaa spent time sms-in with azri~ n walked back hostel n bergulung gulung in ma room~ hahaha sasats me~ no resco meeting~ thus more time to slack~~~ ah wells... then watched movie 'awake' with chee mas n shan~ ahhh dat movie...a lil erm not tat good la.... haaa~ not tat im against jessica alba being d evil one...but jus not tat good..... then after tat... suppose to do my report... but! was toooo tired~ soo yeaa~ =p sleep~~~~ but cudn really sleep due to the heat... n msg arnd agn til mata a lil bengkak..then sleepz~ < /div>
on thursday~ went to international office to settle some things n apparently got me a lil pissed cuz d lady didn really pay attention to me~ ah wells....typical~ then went to fos~ then class class~ then stayed back at fos to online.... til my sis came to pick me up after 6 something... n went to have dinner at d vegetarian place(will post pics later) n went mall n shopping spree at face shop~ hahahaa bought looootsa stuffs for mama, sis n some for me... n how costly it was~ ngaaa~ spent arnd 1 hr there??? (i duno wat we did eh) then went to communist shop....bought chinese karaoke dvds.... n bought some stuffs n balik~~~ d rest of d nyt?? shoot... i cudn remember wat i did..definitely nuthin fruitful agn~~~

on friday morning...did laundry n had lunch at serikandi with ai len! thanx mas for d kupons~ ahhhh nyaman lunch!! so many choices~~ hehe n thanx ai len for ur transport~~~ hahaha then online online online~ til ziman ak they all came n ak. was very attach-y~ haha wat to do... he was sick! ksian him ehh~~ haha mcam a lost puppy..oppps no.. a kitten~hahaha ah wells... nuthin much la.. fooled arnd then moved down to project room to join jian liang n sol with irn~ til 5 something.... then i saw yuin roo!!!! she is supposed to be in uk!!! n she was there! darn her la... didn tell me ~ she is here two weeks liaw...n goin back on sunday~ haaaa but really happy to see her!!! n she gettin prettier~ hahaha yesh yuin roo! im praising u! X-D! n owh ksian d caterpillars in d garden... ppl kept playin with them...n the caterpillars kinda erm.. passed away?? -_-~~~ ngaaaa~ went to see kendo in clt... only azri n vince were there!!! haaa!!! ksian ksian ksian~~~ hahaha spent time til 6 o7? then balik serikandi with ai len to have dinner~ then to pc room to check out resco ppl~ n i finally got my tag!!!!! yaaaaaay!!!!! hehe then went back to hostel n managed to abis one of my reports~ aaaah~~~ nice~~ btw it's my sis bday!!! happy bday to u babe!!!! hahaha love love u~~~~

ahhhhh first time in how long time...i update til like this.... so many words... n it bores myself out sumhow~ hahahaha cuz no pics~~~ i need pics~ but ah wells.... n i dun tink i will b updatin much....cuz.... exams r like sooooo soooooon!!!!!! aaaahhhh!!!! haven study anythin!!! im soooo dead~ ugggh~ im stressing myself~~ darn mee~~ well... soooo.... hafta devout more time in my studies la... so yeaa.... good days to u ppl~~~ till i blog agn~ ta-dahs~~~

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