Wednesday, April 9, 2008

potato cutting machine...almost!

on saturday afternoon.... (yesh yesh its thursday today... n baruta now i update~ typical of me wa... hehe either been bz o internet connection not as good~ so yea~) we had our en 1201 class... n gosh~~ soon!! soon! we will complete d machine we hav been making~ nywayz.... our grp totally forgot bout bringing potatoes.... sooo we had to use some of chee's grp punya potatoes~ =P

tada!!!d first....'almost a chateau shape' potato~ hahaha~ due to some probs laa... tats y a lil deformed...

second time!!! waaaaa!! can u see d shape??? its d darn chateau shape tat we haf been looking for~ after how many months of hard work n this n that n that n this.... we finally seen d final shape!! (though the machine is still not fully completed yet)... thanx to auzi our programmer~~ gosh i totally haf no idea of this basic stamp la... so never help out much... ~ sowi guys~

irnnie with her chateau eyes~ hehe ultraman style~ @_@ n yeaaa there's one more pic tat i malas to load ah.... bout d messy chopping board with loooooooots of potato leftovers... some of us got frust n kept chopping them into slices-> uncooked french fries n some into cubes... ahhh messy la~ n i was cleaning them... threw them into dustbin... then irnnie came n said.... where's my french fries??!?!?? i was like...@_@! i jus threw them! sowi~=P irn was then frust a lil~ hahaha we all a lil mental liaw...

meet 'chateau', 'pomme', 'de', 'terre' and jus plain potato blank~ X-D our babies~~~hahahha they all still look a lil deformed~ so still nid to haf few more final touch~

no semangat??? well cuz... we installed d servo for the holding arm so tat we dun nid to use our hand to touch the holding arm...n dat freakin servo cudn hold d potato blank properly thus.. falls~ ahh! shocked us.... n irn's hand almost kena cut by d blade... n she ran a distance away... while i was jus sittin in front of d machine with both my eyes big big n heart racing fast~ haaa! scary laaa~~~ duwan to kena cut ehh~~ i know most ppl wont understand wat me blabbing over here....hehehe so just try to appreciate our potato cutting machine ja... k??hehe myt showcase it in d ubd sci&tech week~ so watch out! =D

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