Friday, April 4, 2008

continuation of my venture to Giant~

ok...leme continue with my first venture to giant with my sis~ this time switch to the small digi cam~ so yea... this is the entrance of the building of Giant~

but first freakin long to find a darn parking~ shoot la~ but i tink its still not bad as the first few days~ not bad la not bad~

after arnd 15-25 min later~ parking!!!! yaaaay!! so mcam org sakai~ we all take pics there sja~

in giant! ah wells... it was really cold! uhm~~ o mayb im jus using sleeveless~ hehe but this bookshop~ no aircon~ use kipas outside sja~~ ahh~ if i need warmth i can jus go there~ =)

ahhh~ look at all those things they hang on d top~ soo yellow-y~ n loootsa ppl as expected~

we were hanging arnd ...havin hard time to choose wher to eat...cuz we wana try this rasamas but but.... uhmm...duno y... stick back to fud court~ nyehehe~ n owwh~ rasamas diuruskan oleh kfc??? duno eh... never knew of this branch~ n rasamas reminded my sis of kenny rogers chickens on a pizza hut's plate~

okok... food time at food court~ ate d promotion 2bucks spaghetti n it was...erm ok... jus tat the noodle a lil hard~ -_- then sis's sizzling plate black pepper chicken~ sauce was a lil weird to my tasting but... d chicken itself is good~ i mean d texture~ hhehehe... overall oklaa... but freakin drinks~ sooo lama to order~ only one stall ehh... jus wanted to order teh tarik... but laaaamaaa!!!! thus...ordered can drinks sja~~ faster ehh~~

then time to check Giant out! gosh~ really reminds me of msia~ ngaaa~~~

at first from where...i look to this direction n was wonderin wat they selling... i thought it was d string they r selling~@_@ i know i clueless wa... then closer look~ rupanya~ sold off things~ hehehe sakai me~

alang alang pose pose dlm sja~ hehe really convenient to use d digi cam~ if bring slr scare they dun allow in~ hehe

uwaaa~~ flip flops frenzy????o ppl normally call them selipar jepun? hehehe only 2.99...if im not wrong~ haaa~~ really really alooooot~ btw... when i was pushin d trolley... i bumped less than 5ppl la... wat to do... d place was crowded n susah la abit to push it arnd~ got one... i accidentally bump into one middle aged man's arse..n he turned arnd showin me one unhappy face~ i was like ooops~ then another... this teenager.... i said sowi n when passed his frens n him... he imitated me saying sowi~ i was like... gosh now im not sowi at all~ -_- haiya dunola.... n yea was there arnd 2hrs? n i saw shan's sis la... yee jan n her sis la... hmm~n no one else i tink?

we bought sum stuffs n it costed thirty sumthin! then we look at our things... gosh~ wat hav we bought owh? gosh...overall some goods in Giant totally costly! some okokla... haa~ naah they jus targettin d housing area arnd n ubd students~ n d place is huge~ tat me n my sis were totally tired after tat~ hehe... ah wells... we got ourselves ice creams to cool down~ n owh i like d pic above~ d light bhind jus bhind my sis~ =D

good thing for big cars! they can jus park at d side there! no need to wait for parking~

ahhh~ last shot of Giant~ n it rained ~ lucky us~ left b4 raining~ hehe

when balik to hostel~ go to mas room n chit chat~ then yen chee finally came back! rupanya she went to giant with her sis too! n yeaaa its d day when chee cut her hair shorter~~ but first time i saw her... she really really look different~ hehe ah wells.. no worries chee~ it'l grow back to tat length~ =D n yeaa thanx for d blueberry muffin~ nyaman~ my breakfast~ hehe

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