Wednesday, April 9, 2008

capers n everythin nice~ ?

on thursday nyt~ had cravings for italian food~~ thus! called my uncle n sis go makan!! whahahaa n well... had dinner at capers... gone for d buffet thingy... one person...arnd 14.80 ka? cudn really remember d exact price.. n well... not bad la... some of d dishes a lil normal n some erm...=P n some good ones~ well expected in a way tho~

sis choosing d thingies in d menu~ they had hard time choosin... cuz d names r very 'italian' duh~ hehe n my uncle frust...n he said..up to us to order sja... we oso blur blur... jus choose by lookin at d toppings they'll put n ahh....hantam hantam order~ wahhaa knowledge wats nice k? =D

d night~ another peaceful nyt~ n darn me for abusing for my throat for eating such 'rich foods' tat can make me sicker further~ wawawaa~

some of d food~ hehe d rest of d pics r in d small digi cam tho~... so load up d ones i haf with me..which is these two... d bottom yummeeey~ X-D

yesh its me... being so 'serious' in eating?? @_@ then after tok tok.... jln to hua ho n see see look look n bought nuthin~ so balik me hostel~

breakfast for friday mornin!! nah its actually brunch~ hehe curry tuna with simply bread~ nice waaa~ hahaha then.... afternoon went to online at FOS.... then later arnd 3 something...azri joined me... n he got me bubur!!! X-D been craving for bubur too~ ok..i duno y but been craving for lotsa things wa~ hmm mayb tat time of month is approaching soon? =P nywayz asked him to buy~ hehehe thanx~~~ then stayed til 7 somethin at nyt n it was rainin heavily~ nywayz was tokin bout old songs n manga~ waaaaaah reminiscing bout my older mp3s which all went lost.... when my older comp jus suddenly died on me.... not once but twice!!! thus wateva collections i had...were all lost~ =( ah wells... he sent me back... n had my late dinner...maggi curry!!! hahaa nyamaaan~

then dessert?? my fren bought extra donuts... n gave me one~ hehehe its from LA donuts n cafe~~~hmmm not tat good... but its still food~ =D

out of boredom.... took this view outside my window~ hahaha looked like floating light balls??? hehe n it was almost 1 am tat time... wat was i doing???

not long after i shifted some where else~ at 1am... weird to see d sky in this colour?? haha jus long time expo... thus d brightness~ ah a normal pic la....~ im really bored...duno y~

d next mornin!!! saturday mornin!!! i saw this cloud!! then when i took a pic... it shifted a bit liaw... actually...thru my eyes~ i saw.. a bodybuilder angkatkan both hands kneeling on d ground~ wahhaha ooohm~ babe~ wahhahaa

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