Wednesday, April 9, 2008

trip to see d fireflies with bjfa~

after my en class abis by 5 something... n companied chee for awhile~ then off i rush to clt~ nobody arnd...ok... walk further... to d car park.. ah!! saw wei kee, ai len, ang ang, fen n dis guy i duno his name... so chit chat.... til arnd 6...we were like... where's d darn bus?? so ended up going by foloing car.... i followed lim han's(bjfa president) car... with yahui n a jap girl.. her name... was it chiko? i cudn remember...

reached yayasan n parked in d car park... then go to d port near ideal restaurant...~ excited excited~~ hehhee we had to wear safety jackets... jus in case... we fall off d boat~ n we can still float! @_@ haaaa ah wells....~

we r ready for d ride!!! not long after... taka, mr koh n bobby came to join us~ hahaha nywayz.... overall.. 12 bjfa members went for this trip~ n yeaa one of d ppl in charge is a malay..n he can speak mandarin lke really well!! hahaa we were amazed in a way... but i test him by speakin in cantonese... n he was like speechless! he duno how to speak but i tink how to listen a bit la =P hehe sowi~

off we go!!! n lim han with his cam~ n i brought my normal kit sja... d flash light is sumwher at home... malasku bawa baa~ more things to 'tcare'~ plus i actually duno how to operate d flash dat well... jus call me plain lazy~ hehe malas to learn how to use lagi....papa tried to teach me n as usual i was like just hearin him tokin..not listening...=P

happy happy tourguide?? hehe lucky it was only 12 of us n arnd 4 of them...~ d boat was kinda a lil shaky~ =P ah wells... i enjoyed d breeze very much! d landscape was totally amazing... i mean along the brunei river... yea... d boat departed n went to the right hand side away from kpg ayer la to a place where no lights can b seen.... jus d sky, d mangrove, d river n us....=)

some of d passengers~ hehee we were all excited~~ like duh~~ fireflies!!! hahaha n yeaaa i tot this trip was lke... d boat bring us to a pulau n we get to see d fireflies....which is a bit scary..cuz... pulau wor... where.. loootsa 'interesting' things going on besides d existance of wildlife~ but apparently... thruout d trip we all stayed sitting on d boat~

jong batu~~~ remember our childhood stories?? bout nakhoda manis duwna to acknowledge his mama?? haha we went to look at it...when at nyt lagi.... creepy?? a lil~ i tried to capture a pic of it... n it turned out to b creeppier than creepy~haha sowi wa.... i never haf experience in nyt shots... n i can honestly say i s**k at nyt time photography~

sideways of jong batu....d tourguide stopped there for quite some time to explain d story bhind this ship-turned-stone... n d more i stare at it... i felt a lil uneasy tho~ n d round light in d pic? no worries its jus a spot tat we had a better view~ haa~ i know lim han had a better shot~ *depressed* =D ah wells.. for better view go to.. gosh this website contains looots of brunei society punya stuffs...nice laa~ =P n sowi ah for not gettin permission to post d link here.. but it shud b harmless ryt? @_@

n off we go hunt for fireflies~ hehe.... otw... when they use spot light to try spottin d fireflies when d boat was running... something reflected... they said it was crocodile's eyes~ oooohh~~ n then they warned... dun simply put ur hand into d water ah... u myt b 'biten'~ @_@ haaa~ we all very careful one laaa~ cuz we wont dare to dip our hands into d water at all! =P

ahhhhhh!!! fireflies!!! there's loooootsa them!!!! gosh i cant explain how pretty d view was..... its like.... a whole dark mangrove forest then suddenly loootsa sparkle o glitter o wateva terms la.... lotsa bright green dots scattered arnd~ like a xmas tree! n they were moving arnd~ ahh~ n i cudn capture the green light effect~due to my inability n lack of experience.. so yeaaa~ =( n d tour guide said...dun pull o touch d branches... bcuz there myt b snakes hanging on top of d branches n accidentally fall onto us...~ haiyaaa~ scare me abit... i duwan to haf a freakin snake on d boat!!! later i freaked out n cause d boat to topple n everyone fall @_@ now now... i tink too far...-_- but honestly.... tat was d thing goin thru my mind~

see d faint green light trails? its d fireflies.... trapped in d bottle~ n long time expo can see how it travelled~ =) then we went off d place.... n we stayed in d middle of d river... so tat d tourguide can tell us more things.... n there was this moment... everybody was silent.... n i was really admiring d landscape, d breeze, d feeling~ then someone said... 'say something wa...its scary!' then everybody was like...yeawaa say sumthin laaa~ hahha den d rest of d trip...never d silence happen agn~ =P then we were on our way to see d place where bangau/egrets sleeps~ otw there... we saw a croc hidin nearby d mangrove forest... i tink it was d spot light.. it started moving vigorously staying in dat spot! i guess it was annoyed o sumthin? then it started to move towards us a lil n still shaking moving o wateva movement it was doing... then d tourguide slowly steer d boat away from it n off we go~

there it is!!! haaa! lim han had a soooo much better pic but i cudn get hold of it yet...~ ah wells.... n agn~ if u r there to see... it is soo unblievable~ d view is soo pretty~~ loooootsa bangau/egrets resting there~~ then we went further down d river n yeaa there was this moment... where we saw two lights shining thruthe mangrove... they said sumthin bout it was bats la... but d shining effect?? i duno la.... myt b d eyes? o jus everybody's hallunication?? =P

this one.... i duno wat it was lagi... it was actually posing there n still i cudn take a pic of it~~ i was so disappointed~ hahaha can only see it spreading its wings~ n at d same time we saw d bat which only feed on fruits~ hanging upside down eating on sumthin la~

haaaa this is d only clear pic all thruout d trip~ hahaha.... n focus on wat??? @_@ uhmm...d bottom of d forest? wat kan?? whahaha~ sad sad me~ @_@

hahha i find this pic artistic~ for me laa hahaha...overly too much lighting goin on~ hahhaa i tink im going over to d abstract category~ boooowh~

d istana! see wat i said bout abstract??? this pic is like.... totally blur~ but i love d 'feel'...hahaha commentin on my own photo sja... boowh... how i improve this???? @_@ ah wells... we were abis with d sightseeings n histories n geographies n stuffs.... so were roamin arnd d area~

saw dis mosque~ n i cudn recognise which one is it.... hehe n went to look arnd kpg ayer... n it was really really quiet arnd d area~~ kinda bit scary~ ah wells.. n i learnt sumthin bout kpg ayer! when we cross a high overhead bridge... it means we r goin to a different territory of kpg ayer~ hehe n there's like more than 20 different territories there? n yeaaaa heard from lim han... the tourguide was talking n d water accidentally splashed into his mouth... n he terus spit it out~~ eeeee~ teruk eh~ hehehe d water got 'smell' lagi~ =P

after arnd one hr trip~ we arrived n safe! n alive!! hahaha fun!!! n had grp pic.... (lim han's cam) n totally worth 15 bucks!!! hehe... then after tat... feeling hungry... folowed lim han...n had steamboat at t.t.blues(d one near d communist shop) cheap eh... 14.30 one set... steamboat good enuf for 2-3 ppl... since we 4 ppl(me, lim han, yahui, d jap gal) so ordered d steamboat, 2 steamed rice, onion rings, 2 ice lemon tea, honeydew drink... n its only 30bucks!!! hahaha nice~~~ nyaman laa~ hehe toked til.... near my curfew time~ so asked them to send me back b4 i kena blacklisted~ hehe had fun~~~~

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