Sunday, April 13, 2008

capers, greenland vegetarian, procter, bday!

ahhh at last i got to upload n update bit of my blog~ got the pics from d small cam liaw...hehhe~ aha! at capers on last thurs nyt~ rupanya it was 14.80 one adult la~ hehee~but they didn say it will valid til when... isit fixed ka?

some of d yummy yummies~ hehee small portion on a huge plate~ good also we can order alot n taste a lil bit of most of d dishes~ =)

ahhhh d pizza was good~ hahaha~ two different toppings on one pizza~ hmm... d crust was a lil erm..'tight'? rupanya they use rolling pin to spread d dough bigger...ah wells~ still nyaman d topping~

on this thurs nyt... went to d vegetarian restaurant~ 'eat as you can & pay as you wish'~ hehheee tat time i went... it was nice~ got bubur n dessert this time... d dessert is d hot type bean n sweet potato mixed together with a lil santan? hehe but d fruits only mandarin oranges n nangka... i prefer d previous one... honeydew n papaya~ =) n d drinks is only d 'liang cha' n barley~ i want soyaaaa~ =(

advertising d shop?? =D my second time there n my sis's first~ she heard of this place...but never knew where it was located... i oso cant say d real address... all i know its arnd menglait area~

there's d front door~ it's halal... definitely! vegetarian eh.. no use those 'special' ingredients la...~@_@... cuz well saw some buddhism things hanging there with some islamic scripts hanging arnd~ thus i tink it shud b halal??.. erm ok... im not sure... for those who wana try this....follow ur instincts saja la k? after d 'incident' of d 'special' paus in wywy... i dun dare to sebarang intro ppl to makan anywhere~ =P

there's our shopping~~~ spent so much n d things we got.... can fit into a small bag ehhh~~~ ha-ha-ha-ha~ ='(

on sat morning~ before i went to campus... i kept hearing these rustling sound outside my window... knowing its d monkeys~ i malas to go see~ then fearing they myt accidentally 'jump' into my room... went to see.. looootsa them in d tree...mus b playin arnd~~~

naughty playful monkeys~~ hehee duno wat to say~ i feel... im gona miss lookin at them when in next sem cuz we gona b changing our hostel room~ sigh... i love my room~=(

on sat nyt~ celebrated my sis bday by havin dinner in procter, a Vietnamese restaurant in kb~ i ordered hot hong kong teh c... then they said sumthin bout not havin hot water..only warm~ @_@ bangang me.... cant they boil water or something? -_- AH WELLS... there it goes.... a warm teh c~ kinda weird~ plus no sugar in it i guess~ but its okla... malas me go take sugar from another table~

some of d food~ hahah everything nyaman~ X-D n oh d ice cream....complimentary...tats y only dat tiny one lil scoop~ -_-~

my sis's breakfast for this morning! freakinly two bull's eyes!!! haaa!! normally we complain but since its after her bday~ nvmla.. once in a while ja~ @_@

then in d afternoon me sis n mama went to d new soon lee in d market~ me being sooo sakai~ cuz lama no balik seria wa... soo i was like...whoooa since when ah?? n i actually tot they say go soon lee was goin to kb wa... suddenly it was jus in seria~ haaa~

mama indecisiveness~ but not as indecisive as me!!! =D i love to see how d things are arranged~ soooo neat!!!! hahaha n i didn realise it was wei kee in d backgrnd~ hahha... she with her mama~ i was takin pic when i realised d lady looked so familiar(wei kee's mama) then wei kee called out to me~ haha chatted abit then on with shopping.. then i saw wan's mama n his sisters~ haha wan's mama was like eh..?bukan tu leong ?? then baruta i saw wan! hahaa like duh~ near his place wa~ not surprised~ hehe good for he wont nid to go so far to do his shopping n complain bout his fuel~ ah wells... shop til 1 hr plus... buyin groceries wa.. then heavy heavy rain~ luckily can ask sis to reverse d car into d shop abit then load all the things we bought n balik!!!!

i cudn wait for night time to cut d rushed my sis to cut it~ hahahaha i really really really wana eat cake waaa~~~

ah wells happy bday to u girl~~ im waiting for d moment u get hitched~ wahhahaahhaaa~ tats my only wish for u~~~ =D

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