Saturday, April 26, 2008

story of a cat, a mother =)

this gona be a brief update bout a cat that is abandoned in FOS... n lived there til it gave birth~ enjoy~ =)
her temporary home~

n erm... her alternative sleeping place~

aaaw~ totally undisturbed~ must be enjoying her sleep or she might be too tired?~

ahh someone who looks like d cat~ adorable~ wahhaa ahhh..sowi sowi...~ i had side-tracked~ heehe

X-D ahhhhhhhh seemed soooo happy in sum way???

ohh.... d face of a cat which just woke up~ *uhhhhm~ wats d time now~?*

n it saw me~~~? @_@


*uhhhhhm?????? watcha lookin at*

*raaaaaaaaawr ahhhhhh nyaman doin this after sleeping~ =D*

*hhhmmm??? y r u still looking at me??? *

*ah wells... lemme lick my paws first~ need to keep myself clean at all times...ya know?*

*seductive look* *look-straight-into-ur-eyes look* *manja-ing with me look (*play with me~ play play~~~* X-D ahhhh cute la when d cat did that....)*

ah who tat nice person who giv d collar n food for her everyday?? hehee

*from oz's cam* *note: im in d green tudong holding a cam* nywayz... its time for d birth of d babies!!!!! we were in middle of class when there were commotion goin on outside... n we pleaded liya to let us off to see d 'moment'...hahaha thanx sir!!!!

ahhh! heard tat d cat's water broke.... at d middle of d walkway... then it dragged d 2 kittens tat was hanging from its birthplace...towards d longkang.... n when it jumped up... d kittens fell loose...onto d longkang... boy picked em up~

there it is~ d two lil 'cows'~ =P

back to my cam~ there it is!!! tat tiny lil thingie thing tat~ =P

picked one up!!!

n d other~ ahhh... mini cow!!!!

d longkang with d blood stains~

d mama~ hiding there for comfort~... still in labour~ ahh...ksian her.... well... boy picked her up n placed her in a room where nobody can disturb~

after one day.... went to see d mama n her babies~ n she sounded weird!!! *meeaaaaaaaaaaaaooooow* wasehh... me n oz terus back off... hehe later kena 'clawed' by d new mama ehh.. ah wells... later in evening... heard her meaowing! good! meanin she's in mood to meet ppl...hehee

jean came with a cat food with her(properties of d person who gave her d collar)... n started feeding her... d mama can abis one whole big can of cat food in no time!!! haha showed hooow hungry she was~~ ksian her eh...=)

ah wells.... happy bday to all these kitties!!!!! all 5 of these cow-like kitties~~ seriously..they are like.... uber cute!! well...ksian oso them...cuz nobody can jaga them too well... so if anyone of u all wana get kittens... jus go fos n ask for them laaa~~ ksian them cuz they dun haf proper yeaa~ well... cat mama~ hope this first experience can make u a better mama~ haha bowh im not good with words as usual~ =P

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