Sunday, June 15, 2008

1st day of SnT

ahhaa first day of snt..followed liang's car quite early in the mornin... gave some final touch on our booth n here comes the org org basaraan~~ XD

then the exhibition began~ n ppl walkin arnd.. those who came n looked arnd...while we stand n look at them.. hehe if they seemed interested then we explained... hehe just like tat la...n yeaaa there was a moment of panic!!! suddenly no electricity over at our booth... then most of our 'gadgets' stopped moving.. hahaha we were like...shooooot!! wat happen?? do something!! hehe chemical engineering's water pump needed power to keep water running.. so no power... no water live action! haa.. luckily it worked using a battery... =p

haha irn~ ur sooo happy~~ first day only eh... oh sylvester..if u wore a tie.. surely more smart.. then u attract more ppl to our booth XD

hmmm i like to see this.... haha hovering effect? ok.. i didn read the 'manual' properly.. its something to do with magnetic properties la.. both poles n ends haf magnets... if u place the globe too wud attract to the top end.. if placed too low.. it wud attract towards the bottom.. soo.. needed to balance in between la....thus 'floating' effect..=)

the chemistry booth.. hehee looked nice~ interesting...cuz got demo going on wa =P

eeer... azri! wats with tat expression of urs?? hehehe... n wat was i doing?? =p gah cudn remember lor..

auzi the very first to win the lucky draw!!!! he got himself a cap n a pen tats not working...XD hehee cute eh si auzi with the cap..

eating dark choc time!! wani brought some.. n boy its so dark.. sweetness at all.. but when u slowly savour it..its ok.. thanx babu senior~

dr voo~ seniors' lecturer... hmm nxt sem will she b our lecturer? nyways.. she's a nice lady =)

explainin bout the exhibits the LEDs n servos n pbc circuits(is tat the name?) sorry.. hehe..

time for us to walk arnd.. n this time.. i get to witness the magic of chem~~ =) n well.. i totally forgotten the theories bhind it..=/

the booth... totally lotsa interesting exhibits n live demo going on... even the exhibitor... used lab coat.. so pro lookin XD

stevenson screen.. nid i say more? please click to enlarge... which i doubt ppl wud do tat... XD cuz its kinda lengthy... for me even! =D ah wells.. am posting this for fun sja.. no harm done =)

everybody!! listen to me!!! wat we need... teamwork teamwork TEAMWORK!!! XD waseeh... very the semangat til all of them paid full attention to him...=D

gah wassat!!!?? gambling session?? seriously.. from my eyes... looked like a booth dealing with gambling...XD but no.. its ogdc booth.. the most popular booth... cuz ppl get to solve puzzles n haf fun... its popular specially among the booths' exhibitors... buang boring wa there... =)

tryin to fit all the pieces together within that square..~ heey... tat's chee's hand no?? ahaa~ caught u in action~ =D

magic pen~ waseeeh this game.. popular la... among us that is... auzi went to them n asked them for the game.. thus we were able to play it too.... at our own booth~ =p

advertising sehat water~ hehehe... each got a bottle of water... sigh.. at least they provided us water la.. got refrshments also.. but i didn go for it..cuz needed someone to jaga the booth.. so yea... luckily i got bring bread along with me... those who wana eat... could purchase from jolibee, kfc, tasconi pizza outside the ch...

now.. i myself went to the booth n tried some stuffs.... n i didn attempt to solve any... cuz i didn know how to solve them...hahaha poor me... but chee??? whooaa won herself loootsa pencils.. hahaa n err other cute goodies...~

me with yi yii~ hahaha she spent most her time there too!!! she got addicted.. n ahh she n chee became instant frens!! gosh.. never seen such 'perkembangan' in jus few minutes... solving puzzles together bring ppl close together? =p

ahh this,... tryin to 'blend' two faces together to get a 'mixed' look of both the ppl.. haha might be fun for couples to see how their future anak looks like =D

hmmm interesting designs of some of the puzzles.. hehee it looked like a weapon.. felt like wana throw at someone... gaah~ XP

eeeeeeeeerrr.... safwan!!!! wats with ur face like tat??... *speechless* XD hahaha~~ overworked urself?

wani's artwork!!! gaaah really really creative!!!!!

but..... it was not 'fresh'!!!! thus... burst open!! wanioo~~ ksian~~ hahaha... powder ended up all over her... n we kacau-ed abit by putting some of it on her face.. hehehe

eseeeeh~ when safwan explained... the schoolgirls concentratingnyaaaa... cudn resist a guy with slr? XD boooowh~ hahaha

sigh the infamous bridge... hahaha not many noticed it... cuz we placed it in wrong feng shui.. hahhaa we even placed weight there to show tat it hangs well.. but still failed... later sja... i make a separate post specially dedicated for the bridge k?? mama chee n shan.. b proud of ur bridges~

attention!!!!!! freedom of speech!!! sylvester tryin to express his rebellious self by showing his tongue!!!hahaha me cari pasal ehh...

girls amazed with wat they see from our booth.. hehehe... seeing them like tat...actually made me quite delighted! haha at least... ppl interested in wat we were doing.,...

big boss with ce-po-le~ haha... big boss was arnd.. plus ce-po-le had his 'cane' arnd... so asked them to pose... hehehe

i got it i got it!!! i balanced it!!! hahahaa ce-po-le was in front of me.. n i worked under pressure! (anyone who sits in front of me n watching wat i do is pressure) ehehehe... proud ehh~ gaaah~

one of the free gifts from ogdc...tat squeezable lil stress globe ball~ n an extra handle thingy tat can be poked into that ball... its clipping all our lucky draw numbers.... n yeaa.. we r not lucky..=( only auzi.. gaah

whoooaaa... wats with the crowd here?? ahh yea.... a small booth of ours.. with loootsa ppl arnd... hahhaa u say messy n crowded o not??? hehe quite merry~

rupanya its the addictive game magic pen tats doing the evil work.. hahaha... funny wa... sol was tryin to move that ball n he introduced loootsa bulky thingies arnd n we were enjoyin lookin at it.. hehehe its fun~

its liang's turn to pose with the telbru cap~~ cute kan?? sigh... y he owez haf that natural cuteness look? XD nyways.... summarising our 1st day... looootsa students... lotsa ppl.. explained as much as i could... n even the project by chem eng ppl... i explained a biiiiit only.. cuz i duno... hahaha i used reasons such as.. tats not our project... or the person in charge is not arnd atm.. hehe...

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