Tuesday, June 24, 2008

dumpling day~

sunday... 08.06.08....dumpling day~ went to kb beachside for hash.... n btw.. i totally forgot bout standing the egg larr.... haiyoo,. nvm..last year i did it owedi~ so its ok~ nywayz... hash route.... jog along the beach n cuts through housing area to the main road... n jogged along the side road...back to the original place we were before... simple...but i hate jogging.. i dont jog...-_- ahh had donuts n dumplings n lotsa 100plus~

by the time we abis the route... lotsa ppl were there... families with their anak-anak n husbands n wives n even pets~

the tiny shells were abundant that day~~~ i wonder why? but nice to see~~~~~ but but also... when walked barefooted over it.. i had to walk slowly la... scared hurtin myself from those shells...~ gaaah~

our 'business' area~ hahaha labi hash~ family adventures~ hehe~ where we signed in n out...n drinks n food available~~ XD

laaaama nada play in beach~ i cudn wait long after restin awhile..then went to find dad to get into the water... mama wudn want to... so yeaa... only we two...~~ dad wana jump shot.. but.. he accidentally fell onto his knees in water..so nvmla.. ksian his leggies~

hmmmm my turn~~ hahahhaa im suppose to b jumping i guess... but dad took my upper half sja~ =P hahahhaa i was very happy~ really~really really~~~ XD nice waaaaaaaaaa~~ in water~~ in salty water~

hmmmm~~~ biggie crowd!!! wat i wonder?

rupanya fishin using net.. someone brought brand new net n yea did some first time catch.... n errrm caught lots of our attention n thus collected the fishes along~

one of the living fishes..... sigh.... amazed to see something like this..since its my first time...

some of the tiny tiny tiny fishes caught~the kids aligned them properly lagitu~

dad seemed like he wana join too~ well for experience i guess...

thus there he go with other guys... n i cudn resist but to buang the digi cam to my mom then i went to help dad out pulling the net... haaa..there was one part of the ground.. it was sooo icky.. i had no idea wat i stepped...but.... X( geli!! eeewww ah wells.. then pulled the net in.. n u could see fishes jumping! whoooaaa a nice sight... then...lotsa tiny fishes la....with obor-obor arnd~ gah

then we were suppose to put them in a bucket when suddenly ppl... said.. lets put them back into the sea!!! like 'fong sang'(cantonese)... meanin letting them free la... then some of the kids n adults put them into the water.... n watched gleefully as they thought they did a good deed(in chinese .... doing good deeds are good.... then u would be rewarded in return la) then then then!!! i could see the fishes trying their best to swim against the currents... BUT the currents brought them back onto land...-_-"""" gggooooossh ksian them laaa!!! i think the fishes were actually suffering looor.... sigh... they were kinda going through a slow n painful death... then i complained to my dad... he was like...' dont forget...ur also a murderer...u helped!' @_@ gaaaah... i duwan to do tat anymoooore~ X( im sorry fishes... i was cruel... -_-

then other than tat... the beach looked messier... cuz small fishes arnd the area... with dangerous jellyfishes~ not even safe for ppl to play with sand anymore.... *beware of the sand, uncle~* btw...holding fishes ....geli~~~ i freaked out a lil~ i tot i could hold it...but.. in the end... held them by their tail sja... -_-

the day tat day...not bad la.... not tat hot cuz there were cloud arnd... n sigh.... nice to play arnd la... i wana go with friends tho~ ah wells... hehe i would wana walk along the beach with someone...=)

then later on.. it drizzled..n it was gettin dark... thus dad n me went to wash up a bit then changed to dry clothes... n i didn bring extra inside wear~ sooo =D dry clothes~~ then we went to have dinner....got curry chicken then kolomee n sliced cucumbers n pineapples...yuuuuum!!!! XD then later when it was dark.. one of the hashers went crazy n rolled around the sand~ XD n he scared the lady by crawling on ground n yea...caught her by surprise... he was mad~ in a funny way~ hehehe then balik we....~=)

then on tuesday, 10.06.08... went out with ak. to wywy kb to go online n had french fries n roti tissue... the whole afternoon~ n met metis n his gang surprisingly.... org bandar hanging in wywy kb wor~ XD ah wells... enjoyed abit....since out of house wa... then...balik by evening....

then on wednesday, 11.06.08~~~went hashing as usual~~~ hehehe dad posing with his erm 'playmate'? XD sigh~ wana sell this car off atm btw... hehehe

hash tshirts for sell~~~~ ten bucks per piece~~~~ its actually selling for those ppl who dont have hash bajus to represent KBH4 for the panaga highland games this saturday, 28.06.08~

the moon tat night~~ hehehe the clouds lawa la.. hehe n yea the trail.... as usual 1hr 30min la.. n darn it tat day~ was a lil difficult... we cheated abit... we shortcut n came out at the roadside.... haa otherwise we had to climb one o two more hills... -_-

hehehhee was bored while waiting for others to come out... luckily brought my long lost canon ixus75... then played arnd with it... was there cuz sis forgot to take it~ XD (ever since i exchanged the cam with sis with nikon D70.... i never once got it back..cuz apparently sis was soooo syok with the cam that she duwan to return to me... sigh... my bday pressie~~~~X( gah i missed it~~)

hahaha the moon n the a tree... but the moon mcam like somethin like not yet burst punya firework~ haaa... we were still waiting for the ppl to abis come out~

ok...finally all out! n hash circle~ XD parents out cuz they did 150 runs,....thus known as heroes that night~ =) below are some songs we normally sing in hash circle~

Traditional Down Down Song

Here's to _____, he's true blue.

He's a hasher through and through,
He's a pisspot so they say.
Tried to get to heaven,
But he went the other way.
Drinking down, down, down, down,
Down, down, down, down,
Down, down, down, down,
Down, down, down, down.

Why Was He (She) Born So Beautiful?
(Done as a tribute to hasher,
usually after a down down song,
but sometimes as the down down song.)

Why was he (she) born so beautiful,
Why was he (she) born at all.
He's (she's) no fucking use to anyone,
He's (she's) no fucking use at all.
Drinking down, down, down, down,
Down, down, down, down,
Down, down, down, down,
Down, down, down, down.

Why Are We Waiting?

(this is the normal ones we sing...n its normally for those ppl who couldnt finish their drink in a looong time tat kept us waiting la.. so we sing this~)
Why are we wait-ing,
Why-y are we waiting,
Oh, why are we wa-ai-ting
Oh why, why, why?
Why are we wait-ing,
Why-y are we wa-ai-ting?
Oh, why-y are we wait-ing?
Oh, why-y are we wait-ing?
Oh, why-y are we wait-ing,
Oh, why, why, why?
(repeat as needed)

(this...we never sing this one.. haha... too explicit? XD malas to remember the lyrics also~)
Why are we waiting,
Could be masturbating,
Oh, why are we wa-ai-ting,
So fuck-ing long.
Why are we wait-ing,
Could be fornicating,
Oh, why-y are we wait-ing?
Oh, why-y are we wait-ing?
Oh, why-y are we wait-ing,
So fucking long!
(repeat as needed)

got it from->http://tallinnh3.hv.ee/HashSongs.htm

the headmistress... hehehe....ah wells... was scared to take pics tat night though.. cuz they might catch u n do some punishment.. well its all up to the headmaster/mistress if they wana punish or not la.. if they wana cari pasal with u.. u have no choice also.. u hafta follow the rule~ XD

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