Thursday, June 19, 2008

the story of the bridge~

once upon a time...during the time of the week of science n technology.... there sit this pretty strong bridge~

since it occupies a large space... there's no choice but to hang it up on top to save space n also to showcase it...

but ppl complained tat it was too high.. n thus cudn see it...(tidak ngam eye level waaa -_-"") n normally it would be ignored...

the mommies wouldn let their child to be un-admired just like tat!!! thus... the bridge was brought down n placed with the rest of the other creatures...

even put weight on it.. n alas it once again being ignored despite its strength was being showcased~

the exhibitors pitied it... sigh... 'why u so 'cham' one owh?? no attract attention??'

hmmm ah wells.. the exhibitors thought hard n harder... mayb it should need some publicity~ such as... having a male model to pose arnd....did tat caught ur attention???

or just findin gorgeous female models to show the beauty of it??? XD

other than that....the exhibitors began to make (sorta)good use of it... such as... a see through for the sexy chateau pomme-de-terre~

or just simply wacking ppl arnd~ =D

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