Thursday, June 12, 2008

time to exercise~~

brunei~~~ eseeeh so patriotic of me.. when im not even bruneian~ -_- nadawaa... i jus feel its like a nice view... placing flag at the bicycle? =)

ahh back to my post...this was on 18th of may... hahaha bataah ku update~~ but at least i made an effort to update bout this.. duwan to put the pics i taken to waste...=) tot its a hashing event... but jus found out the day itself .. its a vesak day charity fun walk.... something for buddhism thingy.. i dont know...=( i know i know.. i m chinese.. n i duno the event... well.. im no buddhist....=P

the two most 'sexiest' man in my life~ XD love u papa n qq~ sigh.. duno y when i try upload the pics... it became like this.... annoying.. sigh...ah wells...

the mess made by my papa~ XD got mud with lotsa water arnd... thus soft land... n with my papa's ganas driving... so erm... u get this 'art'... sorry~~ we didn mean to destroy the place~

my parents~ haha duno y they looking like tat? ah wells... we were witnessing the prize giving or something.. i guess...

a gift~ i duno wat it means... but i admire it~ hehe i love lookin at calligraphy... =)

ok... takin a pic b4 we go jln~~hehe mcam we all go fight o sumthin~ hehhee nah its the normal baju to go hashin wa... takkan u wana dress pretty pretty... plus its best not to use those branded sports wear... cuz they r gona get so messy tat even after washing.. sumtyms u can see remaining stains... sakit hati tu~ hehe then shoes? never wear new shoes... u'll cry too.. hehe n plus if its flat... u gona keep slipping in the forest...'mud skating'...get it? sooo we use the china sorta soccer shoes.. got short blunt spikes tat keep u on the ground =)

k~ time to warm up~~ followed instructors/dancers from favy~ eh lil boy~ not doing exercise?? =P

well time for a grp pic b4 running...well the fast runners went for the long trail already...leaving us the 'vip' run... which is short run.. hehe malas wa go for long run.. mom wanted to.. but i was like... i haf no stamina!! i haven been working out laa... nooooo~~ X( heeehehe thus... we all go for short run.. sigh...for any event la.. i love short run... hehee malas waa

hahaha i looked horrible~ hehehe~ this was the last hill we had to climb... was askin dad to take a pic of how high the hill of... but he took other things instead...haaa~ ah wells.. but after this was easy... kept going down the hill sja...~ nice~ hehehee took arnd 30 or 45min ka? i couldnt remember...

ppl abis the run~ hehehe lotsa hashers there... n of course not forgettin the ppl from the organisation... ah wells... besides water... u haf loots of power drinks... not red bull... but i think it was black horse?? eeerrrr ok..i forgot.. i dont remember them nyways... not a fan of 'power' drinks... nah the only ones i know is livita n red bull.. hehe but this 'black horse'..its kinda sweet that u hafta drink water after tat... gaar~

tong ju, a man from china... guess most.. noo.. all of u all duno who he is~ well lets just say he's a man plannin to jog across every continent? hmm.. for more info... read here.
but but but..... ksian him.. i really ksian him... cuz most hashers looked down on him... y? well on 16.05, friday.. someone brought him to the hash... n most hashers..including my parents overtook him.. n when he came out... he looked really bad... as in.. u can see he had difficulties la.. n well.. we still can find excuses for him... tat is.. he is a jogger... not meant for climbing hills.. but still ppl find faults of him..such as he shud haf enuf stamina.. after all he jogged a looong way~ n yea... on tat day... one of them.. kinda mengejek him la... say... eh?? didn u jog all the way here? y there's no sweat??? tumpang ppl's car ka?? n he quietly walked away towards the back of the house la.. me n my dad saw it.. sigh...ah wells..still.. we wish him all the best sja... jia you~

the hasher in yellow... he used cold icy water n poured on his head @_@ well.. at first i went to take water from a bucket of ice.. then he came n dipped in his towel n wiped his neck n put back into the bucket n repeated it a few times.. i was like.. luky i took a drink out first.. hehe.. prefer my water 'saltless' waa XD

we saw this young green coconut~ the auntie cudn resist but tried to shake the coconut to see if enuf water or something... hehhee... cute wa the coconut.. but in the end.. we left it alone la.. =)

showtime from favy~ n the lil girl was really really it. she kept standing there... btw the dancers r good~ like duh~ after all they r the instructors.. hmmm flexible la..looking at them.. =p

the lil girl still stands there... even the guy cudn resist but tried to kacau her~ he kept moving front n make thosekinda 'disturbing' facial expressions... *shrugs* if me at tat age.. i wud kinda freak out... n find my parents... shouting-> paaa maaa there's this weird koko~~~ XD

now now... more kids excited of them...~ they were erm.. shaking their arse? @_@ hmm~ nvm..still the kids had lotsa fun lookin at them... well done~~ =) n yeaaa not forgetting there was this milo van there supplyin milo~~ yuuum~~ cold nice milo~~ needed the energy boost~

the males posing with tong ju~ hmm... spposedly to haf the females to pose with him too..but tak jadi.. cuz he walked away already.. hehe eseh.. we mcam see him as superstar..but nadala... jus trying to give our moral support ja... hopefully most of them r sincere~ -_-

ok~ grp pic agn b4 the end of the event.. there was food provided... but i didn really eat... cuz after such a long time nada exercise... then suddenly tok bout eating.. no appetite lor..=P

after tat... we went to jln arnd hua ho manggis... with my parents n qq wearing tat tight lil pants... XD gosh made the security guard standing there kept on looking at them... specially my qq... too sexy i guess... XD nah scared tat we myt 'flash' arnd~ XD hmm after buyin stuffs then balik sja...

first week of holiday.... wednesday KBH4 hash~ this time in panaga area, kb ...along the beach~ hehehe... the trail? very steady! they were cuttin thru the small parts of bushes n so-called mini forest.... n thru ppl houses' gardens n compounds... one of them even said.. isit alright to do so? isnt it rude?? nobody answered..then she was like.. ah wells.... nvmla... hehehe... as long as we didn invade privacy i guess... n kinda a long trail. for me la.. but for joggers its ok la... hills arnd..~

sigh look at that sunset~ seemed hot~ hehe nyyywaaays back to the trail~ wats surprising.. halfway thru the trail~ one hasher was waiting for us... he was holding a bottle of tequila with lotsa small cups... -> ahh u all cant escape... u hafta drink a shot of tequila!!! gaaah~ evil they r~ then when it was my turn... i was giving my innocent face... n asked... shud i drink?? he was ok...~ alright~ u dun nid to.. hehe yaaay~ escaped~~ nah mayb im still a minor wa... hehe then my mom was waiting for my dad... she was like.. water!!! tat tequila... made my body hot la... ughh~ hehhee so reason y never consume alcohol when ur exercising?? it wud dehydrate u n make u feel 'hot' XD

hmm there was an 'on-on' after the hash... hehe nice la~~ bbq-ed slices of lamb... sausages chicken wings... mee goreng... salad~ yuuum~ hahahahaha... after exercise there wud always b makan makan... how to lose weight this??? @_@

dad~ wana pose arnd~ hehe proving on how sexy he can be?? =) ah wells.. =p

hahahahaa stu la me... i censored the car plate number on the pic above.... but not this pic.. XD forgot wa... hmmm malas to censor it la... =) n sowi for me bangkang arnd~ gaah~ too tired to care anythin~

on sunday, 25.05.08 went for hashing too... 1hr 30min.. it wasnt tat bad... nice la.. then after the event?? makan lagi~~ this time... got kolo mee... with chicken curry!! omigossh~~ nyamaaan~~ then got pickles n agar-agar... hahahahaaa the reason of never ever get to slim down??? everytime after exercise... we eat.... hmmm mayb as long as we r healthy n dun eat overly over... i guess its ok?? =) then that night.. went for foot reflexology in kb... will explain it further in next post....

on wednesday agn, 28.05.08 went for hash agn... not bad the trail.. as usual.. back in labi road~~ then after that...went to QQ restaurant (not my uncle's name btw)... it was yee jan's parents shop la... hehe saw her n we talked for awhile.. ksian her... she been workin over there la.. hehe but glad to meet her~~~ =) hehehe

then on sunday~~~ 01.06.08.... also went for hash.. but this time... i forgot wat we did... hahaha... ah wells.. basically.. im attenting hash every wednesday n sunday.... better im doin something rather than stuck at home la... i nid that movement...~ i duwan to stay stagnant~ gaaah~ tat torturing feeling~ worse than exercisin~ hahaha ah wells.. at least... i felt ..alive!!! ahhhh =)

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