Tuesday, June 17, 2008

2nd day of SnT

second day~ we followed sylvester's transport~ n we went late... hahaa... reached arnd ten something? n nothing much arnd la.. there was a talk going on.. but some of us nada interest... stayed at booth sja...

hello? i would like to work in schlumberger.. is there any free positions atm? heheheh isat right ka? ah wells.... if the guy is alone tokin on his fon... mayb its like an advertisement la.. but the lady was there... so yeaa... its jus plainly a pic...=(

early listeners...=P

the nice point of physics booth.. they sell the small electronic kits that is to be soldered n get it workin! there's burglar alarm, windmill thingy, traffic light, etc... one of the lecturers of one particular school... purchased n asked the students to try soldering it... very nice experience for the kids =)

one of the students tried to balance the globe~ not tat easy as it seems~

basil!! hahhaha... chee was playin with that flexible moulding thingy tat she won from solving ogdc puzzles...(n yesh when we reached there chee was owedi sitting in ogdc booth @_@ semangat la her XD) then yea we were fooling arnd...cuz not many ppl arnd wa..

ok.. off we go for lunch in TPH in batu bersurat... 7 ppl in syl's car~ hmm not bad la the food.. hehe then then chee, irn n me went to buy potatoes in soon lee... where the rest went to get a cake for irn... yessh it was her bday that day~~

boredom agn~~ liang went gila gila poked the potato into the protruding metal pole... n hanged a piece of ppr with buruk handwriting... we were actually testing if anybody noticed it.... n i guess none.. haha except for the ppl who noticed wat we did... n they were puzzled by wat we did... =) its only for a laugh.. among us that is.. =p

ah showcased the video of what the PCM could do... n most ppl were confused what it was doing... but that's how it could attract 'customers' i guess... =)

wooooooow~~~ lotsa ppl coming in~~ n time to tok n tok n tok~ specially when the children around.... waseeehh.. explained like duno how many times.. but guessed i was a lil fast... duno if they understand or not... but easy explanation wa... hopefully they absorbed it n develop interest in engineering...=D

surprised to see many chers around.... rupanya got event..... time for ogdc challenge for tchers!

hasnah(maths lecturer) n dk norazimah(physics lecturer) n in background..blurred...sir arif(physics lecturer)

oooh~~ looked interesting to see tchers from various schools to 'compete' against each other within groups~

i see models from far away~~ hehe n if u can see... liang was hiding bhind the small notice board bhind chee~~ hahahaa wat was he doing??

time for serious discussion~ hmmm realised something... i never see tchers sitting down n discussed... normally they sit on chairs n discussed..but this... @_@ some wouldnt wana sit...but knelt instead~~ hahaha noticed it ppl?

one of their challenge which i dont know wat.... design n innovation i guess?

i see a split between male n female... =)...im just sayin k? i point out things i noticed.... hmm.. wonder if we students are that way too? now.. i hafta start payin attention....=D

look at me~~ nothing at my hands!!! XD i can imagine him doing magic tricks... gosh im sorry mr albert of ogdc.... =)

ladies wont resist in taking a pic =)

time to surprise her when there werent many ppl arnd.. hehe happy bday to nie nie~~ XD duno y used tat nick name...

preparation in lightin up the candles... while irn was outside at d hall resting on d sofa...

happy bday to u~ happy bday to u~ happy bday to irnnie~ happy bday to u~~ XD irn was surprised~ she wwas going to run away or something.... XD

the ppl arnd witnessing the 'ceremony'~ XD sorry for the blur pic... i was shaking... hahaha~ shaking with joy i guess? XD sol, oz, weiwei, chee,shan, liang, syl n me there with of course the bday gal~

chee knelt down for irn while she blowed the candle n sliced the cake... then chee was like.. wat to do ah??

then chee stood up n passed irn the cake~ she didn know wat to do.. but to look at the cake.. n complained bout her name~~ XD it was liang's idea to use tat wa....cute jua??? =P

the girls with the bday girl~~

moved back in~ n sliced the cake n distributed them~ amazingly abis the cake~ hehe n gosh.. i guess we were kinda rude in a way... eating cake in front of everybody...it wasnt even time for us to rest... we slacked arnd i guess..but ah wells!!nvmlaa.. happened once in a lifetime thingy... right? XD btw thecake..not bad... it was from breadstop....

its only on the second day that they added the 'musical chairs' near the middle of the hall... which was a good idea.. when ppl get tired.. they could just sit there.. ehehe~

time for the showdown of creativity between the tchers~~~

engineers very supportive laaa... go see see look look on how they present their creativity~ hehehe at the same time.. we were bored n wanted walk arnd as usual.. hehe yea.. we didn like to stay at one spot too long ehh~

ahhh by d end of the day... we cut this much of potatoes... which some in mishaps la.. hahaha didn know they were tat interested in live demonstration... =D then we pack pack n balik~~

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