Tuesday, June 17, 2008

3rd day of SnT

when a mouse meet another mouse...

attraction between each other!!!

thus lovie dovie together gether XD (courtesy of liang's mouse(red) n wani's mouse(green))

hmm how i dream of working in schlumberger one day~ XD ok.. enough of me advertising schlumberger... wat to do.. their big colourful 'wallpaper' was just very... eye-catching...~

advert for beautex~ hehe liang not paying attention ehh~~~ hallleeew? =) ah wels.. went up to ubd following syl's trnsport... late as usual again.. sigh... we were taking our own sweet time~

then vice chancellor came for the second time ..this time with different guests... =)

another interesting demo by chem department.. bout putting bakin soda n vinegar if im not wrong... then bubbles bubbles......out from the 'mouth'~~~

impressed to see such 'action' =) ah wells.. not long after... we headed to have lunch at shikai... hmmm their kolo kuew tiaw... not tat nice.. but the crsipy wet kuew tiaw seems nice.... i shall try that the next time i go there... ~ nywayz left oz sol n azri to tahan our 'fort' BUT... when we were eating... heard supp list out!!! gaaaah!!! but yea... i didn haf any supp pprs.. so no... either i pass or fail.. @_@

ahh rare to see oz explaining~~~ i salute!!! when we werent arnd... sol was the one explainin but this time.. mayb oz kna abandoned...thus needed to explain by himself..~ =D

sui chieh n his fren looking arnd our booth...~

bored... thus take pics.. n wats with the girls with that face n the guys with that face??? hahaha~

weiwei explained very rajinly... from water pump to pcm~ all hers~ XD n the girls were kinda sweet...kept smiling arnd~

eerrm~~ a hidden photographer in action~ =D

ahh this korean boy~ he's back agn~ owh this was a lil awkward.. when he came... someone actually said he was japanese..n wani said konnichiwaa... then he was like.. uh oh.. im korean~ @_@ haa malu in some way~ hehehe.. then yea..he came the day b4...when we closed the booth owedi.. n syl explained briefly... this time... it was in details... then when we showed him the live demo of PCM.. he terus rushed to his mom(i guess?) then dragged her... this time.. wani greeted him in korean~ XD n yea he was impressed~

dk norazimah was also bz in ogdc booth!!

ahh... i haf guys on both left n right! =D okok... i shudn b tat greedy... lol~

ah one of the korean kids... doing soldering~ while the mama look after him~ hehe

this korean kid was complainin bout no fan around to fan away the solder smell... then the dad said... tats y im here... to help u fan.... XD d daddy really got patience~ n the kid was sayin bout ppl un think kids can solder etc etc... haha... told him.. it doesnt matter as long as u know how to solder correctly.. sigh... he's like bright la.. *envious* hehe

i stalk chee from afar~ she no sense my presence~~ X(

i stalk korean kids too~ =D ah gosh... noo... im no stalker or pervie.... im just collecting... XD ok its a joke...just kidding thingy~

irn sasat with the bangle trick thingy tat asked this exhibitor to solve it... waseeh. he was really payin attention~ n erm... i tink he got it...? but irn tried agn.. n still cannot... thus ask help agn

@_@ whoooaaa~~ mr roslan~ wat r u doing there?? XD is this the passionate way in solving the puzzle?? i soo can sense that 'power' ~~~ XD

we were entertained...XD ok... sorry.. didn mena it that way.. jus tat he was tryin to hide himself solving the puzzle from us~ =)

mr albert tryin to solve the i-duno-but-it-looked-like-a-fishing-game puzzle... sigh... to solve puzzles.... give ur full concentration!!

hmm.. i guess... i stalk their tv too~~ XD nah~ just tat im lookin... at the support... so scared it myt tumpang... n XP eyeeer~~ hahaha

there there~ tats the lil gadget mr roslan was tryin to break through~ he thought chee the trick to it... then chee thought me.. n me as usual pessimistic... thus cudn get it open~ hahaha nah i didn bother to give some effort to solve it... sigh... *slaps myself*

there there~ a tribute to mr roslan... thanx for being so nice n showed solutions to the puzzles that ppl couldnt solve... =)

the two korean kids were still there... they were almost finishing... n well... it worked... but one of them.. the solderin myt b alil unstable.. thus one strip of LEDs werent working... sayang... but still.. gained experience~

wat r u looking at? safwan? haha jahat me.. asked him if the hat is part of his head?? he had been wearin that for like everyday? haha he loves it very much i guess...? =)

eseeh~~ models of the day~~~

sir arif~ so pro looking with the telescope...=D hehehee~~

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