Friday, June 20, 2008

camping at wasai wong kadir~

on a saturday afternoon near evening la.. on 07/06 (gosh... cudn believe im like 2 weeks late updating bout this~ -_-"") okok.. lemme stop complainin... hehehe... ah... went to wasai wong kadir with parents cuz apparently KBH4 had this campin going on... n there's a run tat day.. then play play play eat eat eat then overnyt la.. the next mornin up to u to continue play o balik~ =)

hehehe lama me no go there~ the trip to there... took quite a long time~~~ arnd half an hr from our house to sg liang... then from sg liang to wasai wong kadir... arnd 45min o 1hr trip??? gaaah~ i forgot it was tat long a trip~

eheee~ advert for panasonic? =)

cute lil tent with laidback ppl in background~ hahaa yeeeep~ relax on a weekend~ isnt tat a nice thing?

look at the number of cars~~ so many ppl attended the event~ supposedly to pay for the event... but then due to someone's generosity... no nid to pay.. thus its a free run today~~ n ahh~ we went late...cuz dad still gotta work wa.. so by the time we reached there... the hashers already halfway through the run~

ahhh!!! adorable lil girl~~ hehehe... i was taking pics n she was like... shocked..i guess~ =D

papa getting ready for some outdoor cooking~~~ hahaha~~ nah since we came in late n we a lil hungry~n since we brought the thingy thing...

we made ourselves hot green tea~

then maggi mee~~ wahahahahha~ totally unhealthy ehh??? but seriously duno y... outdoor cooking tasted better~ hahaha yummy~~~ =P i bet my sis tat nyt cooked maggi mee goreng... basically... yea.. jus sorta kolo maggi goreng... but stir fry la...

me drinkin sprite after like how many months not drinking it... so frizzy~... uhm~ once in awhile drinking it is okla...hehe n owh i look huge here...~ XD

my mommy~ hahaa as usual duwan to take pics much.... but she actually quite photogenic one~~ jus tat she not willing to pose... =D

setting up more tents~~ ah at this point... the hashers were out owedi... they had the hash circle(the hashers gather around to form a circle with the headmasters/mistress in the centre n announce stuffs n hukum ppl by drinking grassjelly in one go..if they cudn do it.. hafta pour that drink onto their head... n beers for those who made the trails(aka heroes) haha.. there's much more to say bout hash traditions.. but yea.. for the moment.. explain this brief sja~) done inside near the waterfall.. so after the down down they played in the waterfall.. then they came out~

the tired hashers~ resting inside the small river~ hahaha syok la~~ i wana do tat too~~ but... 'red zone' tat time.. -_-

XD hyper ppl~~ mcam never play with water before~ XD ok.. i would be like tat also eh~ hahahaa sakai with water~ =p

whoooaaa tat explains the 'aromatic' scent of the river D just kidding... there was no scent or anything around... just nature =)

a way to cool beers~~ @_@ first time witness cooling beers like tat ah.. haha it supposed to get cold.. but in this case.. it would at most be cool... not cold enough.. unless u go to the mountains' waterfalls.. surely cold~ hehe

on closer look~ it's tsingtao beer~~ its a beer tat doesnt really resemble much of a beer~ for me la~ cuz its not tat pahit... but more smooth i guess? hahaha... =)

the river blocked partially by rocks... either its natural o someone placed it in such a way tat the water doesnt flow straightforwardly n thus has more water retained...n to be played with~ XD

exposed for few seconds.. sowi its not clear enough... cudn do much.. was jus using hands n knees to support... no mini tripod arnd~ my movable tripod(hands n knees) are indeed movable... thus shaking.. XD

the battle between two aunties?? XD specifically felicia's mom n lck's mom?? hahaha naaah kidding~ they were tokin.. n somehow.. they mcam looked so intense in their conversation~ =D

hmmm uncle what were u doing?? *looked closely* gaah~ cleaning feet~ with rocks nearby~~ XD natural cleanin process~~ =p

i stalk... lil boys~ XD hahaha nah those adorable lil boys... were trying to catch fishes~~ hahha they were having fun doing that~ kept me entertain~~

(girl)barter trade~~~ i trade ur net for this striking pretty colour of green punya small sexy net.... deaaaaaal????? (boy)...uhmmm okaaai~~

(boy)heeey~~~~ what can i do with this net?? its really small~~~~ (girl) *snickers* nyehehehee trade owedi ehh... nonreturnable ~~ mayb u could catch butterflies with it or something... (boy) (*(&#(*@^$*^%*@

haaa~~~ so nice looor~~~ splashing water arnd~~~ me want~~ hahaha soon~~~ XD

waseeeh lotsa ppl arnd enjoying looking at them playin water~ hmmm y didn they go join them too ah? =P

ixora ixora~~ =) with lotsa happy ppl in water in background~ hehehe

more tents noticed~ hmmm seriously... i never tried camping out before... im kinda scared lor... later all those things crawling around ...hooooow?? i really dislike creepy crawlies~

this one... classic~ =D ahahaa but seemed so fragile~ what if strong wind o heavy rain at night??? xD okok... sorry for 'cursing'.. i didn mean to~~~~

aaaaah ppl hanging out there~ hmmm when can i have my own 'hanging out' leisurely? =)

hmmm vandalism? but ah wells... prooved tat they were there~ =) n owh the water is like so brownie~~~ cuz baru hujan tat morning.. thus 'dirty' water look~

greenie plants leading u the way~~ along the river~~ towards the waterfall~~ be warned~~ leeches awaits u~ =D

up the stairs~~~ more names written to signify their visit before~

the trail towards the waterfall... i was taking pics arnd here sja... i didn walked into the waterfall area since i was alone.... so yeaa... its a dangerous place actually... a place scarier than our usual hashing areas... cuz more leeches~ n bees tat cud attack u~ i kna stung by a bee here before... n boy~a scary experience~ its sting is like a knife stabbing into u! n u wud terus cry uncontrollably... X( n i had seen looong leeches on the bark of trees~ so be aware of ur surroundings~

advertising tsingtao beers~~ with exception of 'orange juice' in between~

ahhh preparation of food~~~ =D

more food~~~ got sausages...lambslices...chicken wings... hamburgers...mee hoon.... salad.... etc etc~ XD yummy~~~

hahaha lovely company~ then enjoyed the food~ talked arnd~ and by then... it was already night time... n they made a lil camp fire... n bbq-ed some more... n sang songs like wat.... they sing ahh.. forget lyrics one!! sing chorus... then after that we continued to hum arnd~ XD specially one... 'rasa syg eh! rasa syg syg eh... hey.....mMmmmmMM~~~~' then stopped then mumbled some stuffs.. then started agn..rasa syg.....~~~~ aaaaaah!!! the uncle repeated tat for like more than 20 times?? XD i was like... change songs change songs!!!!-_-"

while we were doing that... the kids were doing some night time fishin~~ n look at it~~~ got crabs, prawns, fishes caught~~~

wat u looking at?? couldnt u see that im eating?? *continued eating*

hey crabbie~ wana join me for a feast?? 'feeding' on the fish tats top of u?? =D (fish) *gulps* gaaah nid to swim away fast~~~

haaa~~~ u kids can catch fishes?? fine.. me duwan mengalah also~~ lemme find for fishes~~~

@_@ the travelling light~~ hahaa.... n aaaah the darn BLACK ants!!!! haaaa when they bite.... totally painful!!!!! X( i kna few times... n that lingering feel~ gaaaah~~ n darn the mosquitoes too~~~ my feet now are still temporarily ugly~~~ ugly with dots dots n dots~~ ggrrrr~~ but ah wells.... nature waaa... hmmm... then arnd eleven something la we reached back home... phheeeew~ wat a long day~~ but enjoyed it =)

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