Sunday, June 8, 2008

on the day 17.05.08

hahhaa wan foo's bday!!! n only now i upload the pics n 'update' my blog bout it~ i know i know... its an expired update... but still.. its a new post... for me..that is~ =D

wani's froggie~~ cuteeeeee~~ i very d like... hahaha~ ah wells... wani's fav-> frog n green...=P

well they were doin this surprise thingy for wan foo... got soft drinks... pringles... chocs..... n all the seniors r present except safwan...(forgot why he cudn come) then i came... cuz im the only junior who was still arnd ubd~ haha nada transport waa~ =/

while waiting... looked arnd the lab n some of the seniors were talkin to bro b(lab technician) n i discovered his love for collecting coins.... =)

'wan foo is on the way!! get ready!!!' they lighted up the candles n let wani hold it.. but somehow she was more excited with the cake~

when wan foo walked into the other room... n he walked through this small room(bro b's room) linking the two rooms where wani was standing, holding the cake.... he walked through!! as if he didnt see the cake... n we were a lil ahh....n he walked out... n the guys dragged him in... hahaha guess he duno how to react when he saw the cake? hmmm =P

anyhoots.... sang bday song..blew the candle n cut cake~~ usual bday culture~

time to cut n distribute the cake!!! hehe wani seemed very very eager to get that piece of cake! XD

the people that were present that day~ hahaha~i guess...

the ready cut cakes~ it was from mom's bakery ... er wat flavour? i think it was cocktail something? ah wells.. i never really favour cakes from there... i think makcik bakeshop's cakes are much better... for my opinion la...=P

ahhh they were being sooooo 'gay'~ gosh...mcam couple waa...b4 i took this shot... they were soo loving@_@ then tak smpat la.... n blur even this pic...hmm~ i nid to practise speed~ XD

not long after the event... most of them left to see their lecturers to get info of their results... then bro b had to leave n me n azri had to carry out all their stuffs out the lab so tat bro b could lock the lab.... n i still find the froggie cute =P its from kfc btw...

ahh the other person i didn include in the pics above... ling! hehehe naah there u go... ah wells... they all came down from the lecturer's office.. n sat there n chit chat.. but i had to leave early to pack my stuffs further to balik seria n leave rm 45 of female hostel block f6 permanently....-__-

hush hush doggie... dun b scared~ ur tucked safely into the bag~ =D hmmmm more like i squashed it forcefully into the bag~ =P this doggie has been my companion when in moments i needed a hug~ o when feeling stress or sad or angry etc etc it even got to play with chee shan n whoever wana hug it...hehhee n yea it made a fren...chee's spongebob~ =P

ahhh this big lil red lips~ hahaha useful for putting my hand phone... n at times.... i gone miang XD okok...nadawaa...main main sjaaa~ nyways i love it~ my other companion placed bside me... hehe

the last time i see this view... my new room for next sem wont b this for sure.... siggghhh~~ i love u my room's view~~~ i will surely miss each n every detail of u~~ *emosi* hahahhaa

ahhh 'my' door with the number '45'~ be a good room~ hope the future hostelite who stays in this room feels the same way i do~ i mean loving the room... hehehe oh yeaa... the past few days in hostel was cool~ nyt time was watchin movies.... watched house in izyan's room with suzy... watched some movies with siew chee n had midnyt snacks at time... specially tat nyt with siew chee n wei kee... cooked all the remainin sausages hehehe nyamaaan~ then borrowed erma's dvds... haaaa first time in my life... tat ive watched few dvds in few days time... normally...i malas to watch la... hehe

ok packin up n put them into my sis's car~~ hahahaa very very full~ it was spose to b sikit... but after packin... they eventually growed~ hmmmm ah wells... had a hard time carryin them with my sis... then i saw other hostelites punya barang...rupanya mooore than mine! n one of my fren's dad.. he was carryin n carryin...then he stopped.. n my fren was still carryin n he was like 'masih ada lagi??' with tat shocked voice...XD ah wells... balik rumah~ but before that...went to soon lee to buy some stuffs for steamboat at night...

hehhe lama didn do steamboat at home... like many many many years~~ n eversince chee shan mas n me went for steamboat together... i missed steamboat... XD ah wells..... it was really great~ i mean the food~

haaa steamboat indoors!! not in kitchen but in living room!! crazy us... i was like... heeeey all the smoke steam n watever...they would stain the room!!! mom then said....nvm! once in awhile.... dont care liaw.... hahha surprised to hear my mama sayin tat...cuz she wud normally complain cuz she wud nid to clean the room.. but this time? hahaha nvm~ as long as we happy~ n yea we were totally stuffed~~ but really really satisfied~ =)

after steamboat? a nice glass of heineken~ i never liked heineken...cuz its too bitter for me... but this time...surprisingly....different a lil from the cans... its not tat bitter! quite 'smooth'...not bad not bad...hehee

this... duno wat was this..... weird lil thingy thing~ mom got it from grandma ..i guess...

n aaaah i never did upload bout this did i?? bout mother's day???hahaha overly lama this... i forgot...sorry.... ah wells... went kaikai with sis as usual.. n passes by swensens...n saw this !! soo sis was thinkin wat to write..

while writing.. i saw something that shocked me!! goshh it was actually a lil girl~ hahaha she looked so scary la.. mcam in horror movies... those type la.. hehe but she was sooo adorable!!!! she basically push her face onto the glass....n her nose was like flat.. n ahhh cute laa~ hehehe

what are u ppl doing?? =P ah wells.. she didn know what we were doin i guess... she at times went away..but came back agn to see us.. hehe n when we abt to leave.. she even waved... XD cuuuute~

there there~~ happy belated mom's day~ haha guess my mom didn know we wrote greetings there ehh...hehe ahh the steamboat was actually for celebratin mom's day.. haha cuz during the right date.. i cudn balik... due to exams... so we postponed it.. hehe i love u mom~ =)

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