Thursday, June 12, 2008

health care in kb~

okaaaai~ here we are.... after hash~ went here for foot reflexology... wana try out if its good~ hehehe. its in kb... near frattini kb branch... the area where u can see the big NIPPON sign.. ah wells.. nvm... the more i explain..the more ppl blur... ah wells.. lemme just stick to explainin my experience here...

papa n sis inside the shop while mama was away interrogating the ppl there.. ah i mean.. askin for pricing n stuffs la.. n was surprised to see amanda c. tehre.. didnt know she worked there... ah wells... so me, papa n sis went for the foot thingy whereas mama went for the full body massage...

tadaaah~ me n papa sitting there~ haha no one arnd la.. we were the only customers... we must b very rajin to go at night? h=ok dunola.. hehe... well.. they do haf comfy chairs..

my sis turn~ she has a wall to lean to.. while i haf nothing!! the last time i went for foot reflexology was in miri.. then there was this wall beside me... n when i was in the 'geli' mode.. i had at least sumthin to hang on.. such as placing my hand on the wall o knockin on it if possible.. haha chee shan mas yeejan they all know how ticklish i can be... hehee ah wells.. back to my sis... hehe i applaud them for their nice design tho.. nice to see wa.. mayb jus cuz im chinese? =P

first.... we had to rendam our feet into this herbal erm water..? n there was this smell but bearable la.. hehe absorb some nutrients into feet first? can treat hongkong feet(feet with an unbearable smell... duno y... but we wud call them hongkong feet.. not tat im being racist? its jus how we called it since young..=P)?? while waiting... the ppl were giving us arm massage... hmm not bad.. u dun nid to move... while someone hlp u to relax..hehe...

we were given this small bag... it was hot.. cuz it was put into microwave... n it retained the heat quite well... n we put at our back~ relaxed la.. it was nice.. hehe....then then... funny thing is.. the two ppl who helped men sis massaged are guys.. whereas my dad punya is a woman... hahaha... how come ah? ah wells...

waseh~ good service ah?? ada serve tea n jelly with fruits inside lagitu...~ but then.... the teacup nada refill~ hmm... later dehydrate how...? ah wells.. we were also wondering how our mama is la.. she body massage in a separate room ba...anyhoots... they took away the herbal water n started to massage... n some parts r ok.. n some part i was like lifting my arms up surrendering~ hahaha ticklish brabis!! i kept sayin.. geli geli~~ n they looked at us..confused.... hahaha... told them.. it was ticklish la.. =P there was one moment.. he massaged... til one of my usual nerves cramped... n i shouted... stop stop!! then i slowly rised... n stood there n swinged my leg arnd... ahhaa teruk laa... who wud massaged til the feet wud get cramped? ME!!! gah..

sis was enjoying her foot massage... now now.. it was suppose to be foot reflexology.... but now i called it foot massage... @_@ weeell.. tats how i feel.. its more of a foot massage... -_- hehe... n yea the ppl were from china... n their accents were kinda thick that at times we had trouble understanding them la.. n there were this tv in front... n it was news bout the earthquake la.. sad to see... ah wells.. after massage.... they wrapped the feet with hot towels n with plastic wrappers then after tat... they used a machine to massage out leggies~ hmm~ then final touch... massaged the shoulders!! my greatest fear!!! he totally had a tough time with me.. cuz i kept slipping away from his touch~ haha n he kept sayin.. relax~ well I AM!!! just tat.... its ticklish~ X( then there was one pt he pressed this area of my shoulder.. it was sooo sour!!! hmm muscles there myt harden up i guess... n i kinda wasted time la.. less time to massage my shoulder..=( sigh.. when can i overcome that ticklish feeling? ok... 2hrs of foot 'reflexology' done! B$25 per person.. not bad la.. =)

hehe not forgettin to vain arnd~~ n ahh mama was not satisfied with the body massage.. claimed tat.. not much energy~ n instead of feeling relaxed n tense free n bla bla.. she still feel 'stiff'... its B$60 for an hr o 1hr 30min ah?? she strongly not recommending it..-_- he-he-he n she sempat saw our last part on the massage thingy.. she was like.. haiyaa..i regret ahh.. i want tat...~ hehe next time sjala... still can go agn wa.. =)

then mama still not feeling well.. thus resort to fire cupping..!!!! for more info bout fire here... yea wat u see above is real fire... hmm.. but they didn use the authentic alcohol la.. thus.. at times the glass bottles didn really stick onto the body... n *alert* this is not abusing o torturing ppl at all~ its just traditional chinese medicine!!!! plus its mama choice to do so.. k??

there u see~ lotsa bottles attached there~ mama said fire cupping memang worked very well... n release those toxic thingie things from ur body... it looked painful... but mama said it was relaxing~ hmmmm ok.. i might wana try it..nxt time..

the chart~ i wonder if it's meant for us to see...or.. erm... the workers to see?? *gasp* imagine they duno wher to place needles... they nid to use this as reference??? *shudders* scary ahh~ if place the needles at the wrong place... hooow??? @_@ serious matter ehh~

well.. mama was left there for ten to fifteen minutes...while i sat there talked with her.. n u got see o not?? where the black arrow pointed to??? that's the worse one... became very very blue black~

there!! violet in colour?? scary leeh?? hehe n she still said its not painful... hmmmm well basically.. the darker the colour it is..denotes tat there's the problem area la.. hehe mama knows where her prob is.. thus showed the guy where n where n he do his job la... fire cupping...-> B$10... mama not all!! first thing is the liquid they used doesnt haf a strong alcohol percentage...thus... at times the bottles slipped..or just not strong enuf...thus less vacuuming...n less strength to suck the toxic thingie things out... second... he doesnt really know how to do it... he shud know the place on where to put it... mama said he kinda placed them a lil scattered... third.... after the procedure.. he didn apply a layer of ginger oil o sumthin on the 'wounds' to prevent masuk angin... sigh.... i know ma i know.. next time bring u back to bandar punya... the pro punya.. hahhaa.. yea actually she's comparing with tat 'master' ...

nice deco~ nyways... wat to say bout this health centre??? the workers r definitely newbies~ not much experience... tho mayb they claim to be.. but nopp... to us~ just normal... yeataah inexperienced.. mayb after some time.. they shud be better...? hehe nadawa... just tat we had tried better n experienced ones... tats y we wud love to compare them~ but still.. not bad~ hehe

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