Thursday, June 19, 2008

4th day of SnT

last day of SnT week~~~ hmmm wat should i do at the last day??? XD sigh... had to wake up super duper early...followed liang's car with syl, ming hui n tek siong~ so tat we would reach ch early for the ogdc tech challenge~~~

b4 the tech challenge begin... we sakai sakai go rewatch the pcm video clip of ASAB pte ltd~ XD its fun u know... watchin it.. =)

yipeeeee~~~ basil n chee were able to join the tech challenge last min, replacing safwan and azri... since they both had to take pics....

haah~ basil wore the right shirt~ XD the group name...R.I.P. then his tshirt.. peace forever~ XD... well.. R.I.P. majorly stands for rest in peace... but someone said it sounds better if its 'rise is possible'~ haha but in the end.. ppl still sticked to rest in peace..=P

ah~ ziman~~ it was his bday the day before.... happy belated 21st bday~ n gosh.. duno y... but he was shy tat day..~~ i said something.. n he blushed. i noticed then kacau-ed him further.. n he blushed further~ XD sorry~~ didn mean to kacau u~ =D

first challenge~ make a rocket from a coca-cola bottle, manila card, 2pcs of cardboard, 4 satay sticks n a roll of tapes...then the rocket should b able to carry a passenger called the egg... n it should b unharmed after the launching~ XD hahaha then with our group, MARS with irn as the team captain, oz, sol n me... made this rocket...~ hehee

waseeeh~~ many many ppl berlepak arnd~~ XD n i rushed abit.. thus my lens abit kabur... hehehe~

ahh.. the charismatic grp of DnD~ haha wearing the same jersey... lawa XD n i believe lotsa ppl love to cross their arms like tat..=P i do tat at times too~~~ wonder y??? =D

the rocket launcher... uses air to launch tho~ hehe easy n convenient n portable~

fix fix fix~~

there u go~~ all fixed n ready to launch~~~ =D

waaat?? the way i fixed it...its not correct??? @_@

hehhe back to wat we doing~~~ we left the job to our trusty striker sol~ hahhaa we chose him cuz he's the most calm person arnd i guess? =P n yeaa.... the launching of our rocket was sooo painful..tat the sound of it...proved tat our egg already burst~but it flew the furthest~(from wat we saw la..)

oz as usual... shud b takin video of the event.... n erm the look on wan's face?? errm... feeling nervous ka? hahaha @_@

safwan~~ i see u~~~ sure u duno how u look like when u take pic eh?? naaah full body~~ XD

errrm more ppl gathered there.. n it sure looked dangerous from my view~~~ the rocket looked like its directing towards them ehh~~~~~

the ubd photographers.... laughin while lookin back thru their pics?? =P

waseeh model of ogdc~ hehe sowi...jus a plain pic... no longer lens~ hehe... i tink.. someone...admired him? =P

mr roslan looked so casual tat day~~ took lotsa pics arnd=)

R.I.P~~ with a smiley face~ hahahha~ the team of wani, chee, basil n wani's fren... ah wells.. then due to some unforeseen complications later on... all the rockets launched were retrieved... n they had to relaunch agn... n we had to balik to the hall to go for our second challenge.. sigh.. wana watch laar~

mr albert~~ he always has that jolly face... hehehe make ppl happier?? he made me happy~ XD thanx!

during the second challenge... we were asked to build a dome... n it doesnt need to be hollow... soo~ given 'ingredients' were 20rolls of newppr with 1roll of cello tape~ hehehe the team above so fast abis la... mcam a bread eh~~ XD i guess we were 'baking' instead of building~ *lame*

oowwh team nevets~~ where's the bread?? i mean dome?? i see sliced pprs~ =P

team R.I.P~doing some finishing touch by wrapping the 'skeleton' up~ =)

team... erm wats their name?? something cube... hahhaa eee seniors~ waseh confident with their 'pau'~~

@_@ uwaaa... i see the secret of this grp's skeleton~ @_@ sigh every team different ideas~ cool la...wat they tot of~

the competition of baking the best bun arnd~~~ =D

measured the height.. measured the radius.... the initial judging of the domes~~

then puttin weight on~~ our dome got to support all the weight~ yaaay~ but i guess other grps better cuz they had bigger domes~~ nywayz~~ thanx to oz, irn n sol~~ sorry.. i didn really contribute much.. at least i kept tearin the tapes for u all~ XD ok.. tat sounded depressing... hmm.. i shall work harder~

after our grp's judgment... i malas to see others... thus hanged arnd at the stage~ hehehe look at the ppl arnd~ i really didn know it was this many loor~ nice to see nice to see~ =D

from where me stood.. someone warned me of the ppl below.. oooops~ hehe didn mean to la.. at least my flip flops nada sand o particles droppin on top of ur heads right?? =)

ahhhh too bright~~~ basil's face so glowy~ hahaha~ ah wells~ they were comfy with where they sat n relax..

thus more ppl joined in.. basil still concentrating lookin at my lens~ XD

i cudn resist but to join in as well~ hahahhaa~ i realised..... i tink i wore 'bright' XD most of them black shirts eh~~ =D

after that shot.. liang antam shoot here n there... tot he was takin pics of all of us lots of times... suddenly... he was takin stolen shots arnd~ gaah~ we all posed like fools~ hahahaha

aheeem~~ eee models~~ hehe ah shan wasnt there~ cuz she didn join the tech challenge... n me took pic.. so leaving them both become models la.. hehehe.. i know wa.... i shall take better pics~

wani, syl, basil, n a lil bit of albert~ hehehe mixed emotions? =P

*hands on head* .... *head bergoyang goyang from one side to other~~~* XD fuuun~ XD

hmph~~~ me merajuk~~ u played with my head~~~ me no like =( chee-> hmmm.. like i care also...~~~

ahh.. okwa.. jgnta like tat.... u can play arnd lor~ marah...cuz... shyshy wa.. in public waa~ =P chee-> i'll reconsider~ =P

someone's havin the time of his life..sleeping away~~ on tat grand grand red carpet~~ hmmm wat were u thinking eh?

ahh~~ ce-po-le~~ his icky smelly hong kong foot~ =O hehehee~ after tat... got makan makan outside the hall.. soo... off we went to eat~~~~ then balik masuk for the prize giving ceremony~

syl~ part time model??? =D got the potential eh~ got the height ... the fairness.. the skin~ hahahaha model for snt week la~ =) nywayz... we didn win anythin =( we didn~~ haaa~ disappointing abit...hehehhe but had fun~~~ ambil experience la ni~

after the ceremony... they said.. u can do anythin to ur dome now.. u wana take it home o wat...up to u~~.... then liang ,syl , irn they all ran towards the dome!!!!....the nevets dome... now u see it nicely...

now u dont!!!! hahaha stressed out mayb si liang~

then irn's turn to destroy!!! then then then after she stomped a few times.. liang asked... err irn~ r u sure ur stepping on ur own dome?? then we all looked.... gaaaah! wrong dome!!! XD irn was like.. omigosh~~~ sowi~~ then stomped on our dome... hehehe~~ or did i d one wana stand on top of it? hehe

after tat... we packed all the stuffs of our booth~ then sent all to fos~ then hanged out outside fos... since liang had to do the project...n had to wait for dr liya~ while waiting... ce-po-le came~~ hahaha~he tortured the globe~~ hehehe

y u giving me that look??? hehe whereas ling gave tat famous 'puckering' face of his~ =/

liang with his 'yao ying' sitting pose~ very the big boss eh?? i tink.. in our batch.. he our big boss la... u see his charismatic values there~?? hehe

an angel~~ ?? hehehee~ okok.. a male angel...

this this mus b female angel!!! XD ahh sui chieh~ really looks like a girl~ hahha XD so who wins? syl or sc?? =P

this.. he cudn suit the angel look... thus... erm.. duno.. ce-po-le~~ u trying to murder him o something?? like sweeney todd?? =D

caught in action!! *gasp* guilty~~ ur guilty~~~ hehehee ah wells.. after all those fooling arnd.. the boys went into the lab.. whereas me , ce-po-le n azri(came later on) spent time outside sja.. hahha duno wat we were doing.. listening to songs sja.. i guess..

ahhhhhh long last abis me update bout SnT!!!!! it took me forever~~~ haaaaaa~~~~ sigh...sorry for my other laaate update ppl~~ i wud try harder i guess~ -_-~~~

n n n ... today is 19th of june... i wud like to greet alicia wan... happy 21st bday galfren!!! *mwaaaaaks* sowi to get u worried tat i forgot ur bday~~ but wasnt online the whole day today... only now.. hehehe.. baaaa hang wit u when u get back dearest~ =D

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