Thursday, June 12, 2008

preparation for SnT~

on monday, 02.06.08... went to ubd for the preparation of the 5th UBD sci n tech week... reached fos before noon... n went chit chat.. sigh lama no see each other wa.. hehe but liang n irn were there earlier cuz they were having discussion with dr liya bout the smart home... then saw the chem ppl arnd~ ahhh misssshhed them.,..hehehe.. nyways... after chit chat.. wanted to go for lunch b4 going to ch for the preparation... since we had been going to the same places... so decided to go le taj with syl,liang,chee,shan n irn~

guess... we never have indian food together before... so we went to try it out... had difficulties in ordering it... cuz we blur wat to order... as for me.. i only know.. i like the creamy white sauce wan?? tat one leh?? XD seriously.. i never know wat they r called.. dont get me wrong.. i love indian cuisine waa... sigh.. okok.. i'll pay attention...nxt time... err... i dont even remember the crackers shown above XD... cuz the lady was like.. u want something bla bla b4 ur order comes? we were like.. ok... bring it on~ hehe not bad la...

one of the veggies... im not even sure wats inside... ah.. nvm.. as long it tastes good~ =P but guessed we were hoping for more greens tho.. =P

chicken masala.. then erm.. im not sure of the other one... its fish... with ginger strips.. not bad.. i like tat.. hehe then one normal nan n one buttered nan... n 2 portions of rice... well the waitress recommended we ordered tat way... glad we did.. cuz we were really full though the portion looked small...

ksian them.. had to wait for me to abis ambil gambar then they can eat... hehe thanx ppl for ur patience~~ well some of us enjoyed few of the dishes la.. hehe myt not used to the food la.. but still.. a nice experience la...

hehe been awhile since we last hang out like this.. ah wells.. ehh syl y u shyshy?? kept covering ur face?? XD n liang as to avoid me taking pics.. hahaha n yesssh... noticed his usual style.... when he wana avoid having his pic taken.. he wud tilt his head first before moving away~ XD seriously.. if u all got see how he move ah.. funny wa... =) nyways... our lunch.. totalled B$37 something... ahh..nice la.. first time we ate something tat turned out cheap somehow.. n full!! hehe after tat.... we balik ch with all those things needed for the booth...

ahhh reached ch!! n saw this very interesting gadget... world's smallest hydrogen car....forgot who it belonged to... hehehe sakai to see it.. but i still duno how it works la..

inside it u see... these ccute lil cmponents... hmm reminded me abit of speed racer car or something? i know..its a big difference la... im just 'saying' la.... cuz speed racer is sorta the 'craze' few moments ago? hmm duno y...but i duwan to watch tat movie.. later spoil my childhood memories eh... how??? -_- ok.. im finding reasons to not watch it... =P

dark choc toblerone for us from azri~ he just came back from kl trip n there's chocs~ *yuum* hehee thanx~ but somehow.. we didn really eat it...cuz it was a lil too big... i had to share mine with irn.. hahha.. nola.. if at home.. can slowly savour it...=D nyways... didn abis it.. so leftovers... it was mine~~ XD nyehehhee~

*gasp* am shyyyy~~ a gift~ hahaha~ gosh i looked so 'shady'... mcam criminal~ =p ah wells.. the gift was something unexpected... didnt know he wud give tat la... cuz its sorta not my style... but still...thanx syg~ XD

sorting out our booth~ our 'engineering' booth~ haa~ looked blank?? u'll see later crowded it became.. =p

hahahhaaa i haf no idea wats with the facial expression~ ehe... must be something bout the 3dmax program or something... liang was very d sasat~n was giving that high pitched 'aaaahh' stress out sound.. n somehow lotsa ppl heard it n turned to see him...XD n irn~ ur face..priceless~ XD

*gasp* our booth consisted of phys(physics), cs(computer science), eng(english) n sci(science) department?????? @_@ woooow heavy!!!! *roll eyes* sigh... actually its physics la.. 'i' was missing.. n eng.... it should be engineering!!! lotsa ppl think it was english...-_-

so had to fix the wording... since sylvester the tallest among us... soo.. he had to do the work.. by using double tape~

voilaaaa correction made~ sigh.. but ah... our booth didn even have physics stuff around.. it's next to us la... n y arent we given separate booths kan?? haha... our 'eng' grp kana overshadowed b the word physics... sigh.. ah wells.. we still made it tru...=)

more ppl came to check how things going... n tryin to make some last minute adjustments for the big day~

the poster on the project of dr liya.. the smart home~ hehee... somehow...overshadowed too.. cuz ppl malas to read the posters on the board wa... plus we didn explain la.. =/

when there's time to arrange things... there's time to relax n chit chat arnd~ hehe a nice feeling to just walk arnd freely n not worryin bout anythin n socialise XD did i even socialise? =p

did u all notice anythin? nah its too small to b noticed... it was our grp pic with schlumberger ppl in labuan~~ in tat far right bottom corner... hehee.... printed on poster owh... XD sakai we~

ce-po-le~~~ he shocked me when he walked in with his walkin stick.. waseehh~~... rupanya due to playin football la... so heroic looking ehh.. ehehe... hope u get well soon.. n err ang ang~ r u like posing?? XD ah wells.. guys willing to pose naturally eh.. nice o not?? =p

ok... we had no idea where the place the winning bridge of the bridge challenge.... so decided to hang it above....

hahaha sylvester doing work agn~ thanx~ nah a tribute for uXD

ahaaa~ its done~preparation is like ok~~ =) hahaha this our booth ladies n gentlemen~ n errm yeaa... the bridge... mcam transformer eh? XD ahhh time for SnT!!!

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