Thursday, March 20, 2008

ASEAN Apprentice Expedition (APPEX) 08

Wednesday(12.03.08)- a meeting before the APPEX ppl came over.... i rushed from CH(d jap week) bak to hostel n bath n get dressed to go over to male hostel... but due to a weird blackout... as in..only certain areas got lights.... n the Bilik Gerakan Resco(BGR) being so 'romantic' n all... had to move to female hostel's pc room.... eeeps~

the resco members making themselves comfy in d tiny room~ n ziman acting cute n all~ envy eh... i like this pic...~hehe

rare to see most of us so formal looking...specially the girls... thus... nice view to shoot~ nyehehee well toked bout things we had to do la... n d list of events we need to do....

nywayz... had to dress up so smart.. cuz nid to take pic for our permanent name tag for one year.... guys easy eh.... they jus haf one...n bowo from each other... since we r only takin d top saja....n ah... i know most of d pics...inconsistent style ah.... plus u can see d green chair at d back... lol~~
girls...lagita... haha all different tudong wa...X-D but not bad la... hehe

Thursday (13.03.08)- n again.. rushed from CH back to hostel... then to Visiting Lecturer's Quarters(VLQ) to wait n menyambut the APPEX ppl... they arrived around 9 i tink? then we this ppl... fool arnd the place...n camwhored~~ using suzy's cam...! nid to get d pics from her soon~

they r here!! n terus got food for them~ hehehe good hospitality? ^_^

while waiting for them to eat.. we outside posing for cam saja... told ya so... most resco members r very very into takin pics.... in other words.... vain!! X-D

uhm... pujie n rina.... *speechless* i duno y d pose is soo... very misleading...! lol!!
me love the settings of dis pic... mayb cuz of the ..yeala... d stairs n chairs.... can either take family potrait(with lotsa family members type) or else.... frens! just nice~~

couple pics... with erm... a-yoi's jealousy n fauzi d 'extra'~ @_@ heheheh sowiii~

nywayz... after that... APPEX ppl came out n we formed a circle for 'ice-breaking session'.. where we all had to call out all d names la one by one... i was stressed out doing tat!! mental me.. haha cuz my memory sucks! like totally temporary memory~~ ngaa~ hehe but i do remember their names but i duno if d spelling ngam o not... anyhoots... tho stressful but we had fun... we were totally cool with each other... very friendly ppl they r!!! *hearts*
Friday (14.03.08)- i went to help out in CH for the jap week... the whole day... then night time... a break~~ hehehe nywayz... they went for a trip arnd Bandar la... they mus b havin fun~~~ i didn go jus simply there werent enuf seats for d other resco members... thus.... i jus stayed saja^_^

Saturday (15.03.08)- i thought there werent enough seats like d day b4...when.... arnd 6.50pm...i was still in CH for the closing ceremony for the jap week.. i received a msg... sayin those who can go..pls collect at male hostel by 7.15pm... uwaa... terus i asked ang ang to send me over..hehe thanx! n me there.. haven bath...with i duno wat smell i haf... ah wells... ignore saja~~~then i saw najib.. then talked with him.... waitin til the ppl come~ n off we go to empire~~~ oh yea in d mornin.... they went to do research arnd ubd la n tok arnd...~n yea they came to visit the jap week! n they had fun! hehee

they terus went for jump shot outside empire!!!
sakai-ing arnd the place... n pics everywhere here n there n there n here~

my pics tat nyt sucked alot... as in... teruk pics!!! lots of them blur la... o too course-y(due to high ISO) n ahhh... ah wells... tired wa....

gasp! kachik!! wat r u tryin to do???? posing there for fun?? o u wana swim??? -_-

n wherever we walk...surely kept taking pics...! n they kept askin whether if i ever stay here...haaa! $220 or $240 per nyt.... u tink??? -_- its a 5 months hostel fees ehh~ =O

ahhh d lightings arnd the area r agn d usual....beautiful!! pretty!!! btw most of d girls went to d toilet..n didn come out tat quick... d reason? posing in d toilet....vainin! lol! i duno bout d guys tho... hehee
next stop!!! jerudong park...... punya stall!!! due to limited time... able to eat only...tak sempat to take a walk inside... =) n ah... due to d sitting punya dsign... we all had to sit separately... n me sinah n mat noor...3 ppl in one table saja..

ahhh im not lettin go of d take pics!!! hehehe n yea... after i got back to hostel.... i terus buka my lappie n it gave me a loooong high pitch sound!!! shocked d wateva things out of me!! i terus close..... many things went thru my head... like shoot.. my workshop pics! my files! ahhhhh! my thousands of pics!!! X-D mental eh... then i went bathin oso i kept thinking of this n tat...n went to sleep....really worried!

Sunday (16.03.08)- woke up but was still sticking onto my bed... replyin msges to yus... n msged azri to help me find ken to format my darn laptp!! n i tried switchin it on agn.. n still.. dat awful sound...~~ arrgh~ then after breakfast...went to resco shop to meet yus n ziman there... n ... i was able to switch on my laptop... wat the....?!?!?!?! )(*^#$#&@#*^ woooot!!! curses!! n ksian azri was owedi on his way to ubd... then asked him to come over to d shop n chit chat til yus n ziman balik do laundry n me n azri went to ahan thai for lunch...n freakin hot dish! but me like! not bad la... n take away a supposedly vanilla late when it suddenly became a cafe latte o sumthin...i cudn remember... not bad la..jus tat it was leaking.... =P

i was there arnd 3pm n no one was there... lucky there's mp3s n sms-in wit azri n edittin pics.. tat im able to feel syok~ hehehe~apakan! ah wells... arnd 4pm they came over la....nwe start doin work! ahhhh... peeling d leafy veges...stained my fingers~ ngaaa~ hehe then yus cut d red onions ( he seriously didn shed one tear... if me... i'll b 'emotional' liaw) n suzy with d garlic n jannah with cuttin d cucumbers n tomatos... n me pijah hikmah pluckin d leafies away~ (i duno wats d vege is called..=() n amal in d kitchen fixing d fishes...

resting time!! hehe.. me + partner...he called me honey n i called him syg... =P
'the kitchen army' lol!! all bz for nyt time event~~

alll settin the place up.. i didn know placin d spoon n fork required skills... hahaha i took em for granted~~ nyahahhaa~

uwaaa..u r really lookin into my eyes! er noo the lenses of my cam!! hehehe n he almost kissed zubai when he turned his head ~ lol!
the gangster family~ hehe yumi as d 'head' of tat gang~~

d guests haf arrived!!! n there d place bcame very very packed... not enuf seats lagi...
d food~~ makan ambuyat~~ hehe one of them really enjoyed it! can see thru her expression of eatin ambuyat.... when she put it into her mouth..n he closed her eyes n savour d! n yeaaaa in d mornin they all went down to ogdc to visit arnd... n went to labi to visit rumah panjang... hehe my reason for not going? i nid a rest...hehhee

this..when im sitting down on d floor with analisa... took shots of them randomly saja.. hehe n thanx kachik for takin me n analisa a cup of teh tarik~

n they startin vainin in front of me.... i was just there with my slr...when they jus wana pose arnd~ haaa! n yea i had a kinda serious tomachache tat nyt tho... mus b d spicy food i had...heheh

walked arnd to find myself takin pics of them~

this task was just....random!!..i was standing...then i kneel down... then i baring on d floor to take their pics!! lol!! its quite fun!!! n i love d shot!!
i specially love this!!!! all resco members lagitu~~ i wonder if more ppl join... it wud b nice?? hehe but yea i baring there for over a min? n i felt....happy! haha apakaan~

time to take pics of myself.. holding d huge slr in front ~~ =D

n tat nyt... it was really really!!posed arnd a lot!! too much in fact! hehe

ahhh only this pic me n syaza seemed so 'close'... syg analisa cudn take d pic of me n him almost kiseed each other.....!!! we puckered our lips! n really close n we were posing...but she cudn click it due to insufficient lighting... then after tat... our 'moment'... we jus lost it.. we cudn pose tat way anymore... everytime we wan do it... we burst into laughter! nyeeeh~

pls enlarge it to see our different facial expressions...hehe were fooling arnd!!!
i love this baby~~~ hahhaa screen is so huge this canon eos 40d.... uwaaa~ n d handle at d bottom.. reminded me of my dad's ex camera... F90X where got tat handle for extra battery pack n a button to press too! but really heavy~~ ahhh~~ baby~~

showcased...our height?? uwaaaa ketara betul my height!!!!! i know im tiny~~ hahahaa

n we vained more!! hahaha sowi to bore u ppl out~ but..jus cudn resist~~~ X-)

Monday(17.03.08)- in d morning.... they went to msia high com.... n i cudn go agn... cuz got lab session n class!!! n agn... no english class today..apparently our lecturer forgot our class....~ ah wells... night time... there was this formal dinner with them was also our last night with them.. cuz the next mornin they gona depart to labuan~~

ok... d stage...ksian ehhh ~ nobody fix it!!! dangerous~~
this! macam auzi kena strangle ehh.. fauzi was tryin to fix his button... n auzi ahh.. apa ni? scared u fall for him ka?? @_@

then slowly the ppl kept comin in~ resco+mpp+mmu+ quawim(bowh im not sure of his name punya spelling~)

me n hikmah in our uniform~~~

food time!!! i skipped all those pics of them receiving gifts n stuffs... hehe~ good food~

there was this extremely cute clip!!! i love this..hehhe storyline....snow white.. but a lil twisted~ hehehe... queen asked 'alucard ivan' to kill d princess... n when he bit her... she was shocked n kicked him out n he died! hehe in return she kena 'AIDS'- alucard ivand.... syndrome... lol! very creative thing~ but d ending a lil.... not as nice.... hehee... n there'sother clips...very creative...!
grp pic!!! me n azhar not able to join cuz bz takin pic saja.... haaa! at to arrange them properly... not tat messy at least..nyeeh~

uwaaa... this... macam its their wedding o sumthin... hehehe~

nah its not malam seni warisan borneo ... owedi over like for ages! hehehee but still...they wana pose with it~

zubai~~ u so shy??? dun hide in tat corner~~ hehehe tryin to act cute ehh~ hehe

synchronised!!! i totally haf no idea wat attracted them to the board~~ lol!
at last,,,,, took pic with them! n naah saiful... u wana see more of ur pics here? there it is..~ hehee

d usual normal norm... hehee only few ppl posing...then poooooof! lotsa ppl joinin in... supposedly there's a table next to them... but kept pushin it away in order to take their pic fully~

love them~ love their company!!! heaps of fun! lots of laughter~ hehe

ksian shah!!! they were really noisy outside... n i rushed out! resultin in kabur-in of my lenses~ aaah!!!! very sad~ hehehe i tot shah vomitted outside since i saw he was drenched n d walls were messy~ then i heard...sumone splashed him with kopi bangas?? really ksian!!

i was inside n they were outside... still runnin n escaping from shah... cuz shah kept huggin any of them for revenge~~
me n quawim~ d ok look n disgusted look? hehehe apanii~~

informal grp pic amnd resco n mmu~ nyaaaaa very very nice posing arnd~ hehehe n shah~ was there too n everybody started coverin their nose....hahaha ksian him to d max ehh!!!

there he is......still smiling with all those things@_@ hehehehe ah wells... quite emotional la hugged some of them n wished them well n bon voyage~ ngaaaa~~ lovely ppl~~ ^_^

mmu balik liaw... leavin us resco.... had meeting...n they started acting gila... specially d boss.... lol!!!! he suddenly cracked n wana b a girl~ adorable aint he??? X-D

n more joined in!! yaaay!!!! hehhee n d last abiiiiis@@@@ n me tired!!! uwaaa~~~

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