Monday, March 3, 2008

majlis persidangan pemimpin mahasiswa universitix2 ASEAN 08

there was this event which we last min knew la... n thus a lil rushing... event started from monday where d students started flyin in n had to picked them up. but since i wasnt fully informed, i didn help up on monday at all... haaaa~ then on tues whole day got class so no help out too! but on night me semangat go laaa....cuz ermm.... one thing is tat got dinner! =D hehee

in dal. we all agreed tat they r soo matching...its d clothing clours waaa~ hehee nice~

later on me n analisa agreed that she n ak were matchin too! =P

first meeting with some of the students ... til now im not sure... but all d students above came from msia? haaa sorry for being ignorant agn.. @_@ i didn mean it!!

there were also some from indonesia ... well chatted with them la... haha a lil scary for me tho. cccuz nid to to b careful with ur speech in order to avoid giving any misunderstanding n stuffs laa...

eseeeeh d resco guys all smart smart ehh~

i seriously didn know where we were going for dinner... they just asked to go into d bus n there we ended up in hua ho manggis! haha

grp pic in front of hua ho~ i was shocked to see saiful (3rd yr applied p6-shared one same class with him) there.. haha then later i was like... yea owh... he is one of d mpp's' waa... =)

haaa! look how he love to pose?? hehe we otw up!!

its supposed to be a pic of some of d rescos when suddenly everybody who was arnd joined to take pic too! seriously we jus love to b in pics.... 0.o

in emperor's court!!! d rajin performers.. not bad la them~

took pics arnd as usual... n yesh d place is really pretty~~ me like~~

with syaza!! owh yesh he has a really nice hp... =D *slurps*

d food tat nyt was superb!!! nyaman nyaman nyaman~~~ specially d beef! n d mushroom with brocolli!! =D n i was really complainin d quality of d pics i took... i had no choice but to find my sis to come over n exchange cameras..... =/ ksian my sis hehe me ordering her arnd... owh sis me labbie u~~~

after arnd half an hr... i got d slr!! then snap snap snap as much as i can...!! haaaa...nadalaa was testing d lightin n stuffs... im still learnin wa... n lemme make things clear first... i am not a pro...cuz when ppl see me use slr macam me pro liaw... but please... its my learnin session~ =) anyhoots... d pics above...a mixture of resco n mpp~

then this...ubd org atasan n d timbalan menteri n some of d performers tat nyt...n d overseas students

he- what is this statue? she- inilah statue of china.... -_- woooot answer isat?? haha really tot analisa knew d name of d statue~

on wednesday afternoon! i rushed from my workshop to ictc to change n rushed to chancellor's hall 1 st floor.. hungry la... n d food not much...but still satisfactory~

brothers...? no..? they do look like to me...=)

actually we rescos hafta have arnd ten volunteers to act as penyokong in d senate room in chancellor's hall drg d whole persidangan.... n me ah... i dun feel like me penyokong eh... keep takin pics saja... didn concentrate much on wat they say.... =D

in d senate room!! never knew there's such room in ch eh?

auzi n zanah! their job for d afternoon? noting down their toks n need to write a report on it... call them pelapors!

d speakers for d afternoon... not bad la their speeches. =)

resco's boss!

bz with d report based on d morning session.... its hard work ehhh

rescos hanging arnd ...gosh we were really making ourselves comfy~ its our territory!!

jeremy really have sumthin against cameras... when i wanted to take pic... he rushed off finishin his food!

a break in between d persidangan... grp pics n different grp pics etc etc~ btw d desserts were good~ nyaman~ there was erm tuna with a lil cheese on top-tarts then roti john n etc etc

back to persidangan... sumthing happened.... sumthin negatif.... tat they werent able to keep d tok going....thus requested a round table conference..... but yea theres no round table... so it became a long rectangle table conference~ n still...they cudn get d tok going...! seemed everybody has different views so cudn get to resolve anythin...

d mpp's'... bz takin down on wat they said... well d atmosphere arnd was tense! n outside d room..was even more drama!! when i went for a break holding d camera outside d room... saw one by one d students stomped out of d room n complained... haaa~ specially a guy from thailand, max... he really was sooo engrossed into d conference n he has so many opinions n stuffs... but ksian him in a way isat he duno malay... cuz some part of d conference was in malay....n he kept askin thru d mike askin can u translate? -_-" n when they asked to move into a round table conference.. he was standing there raising his hands n showed a very helpless face... @_@

mpp's' behind d glass of d control room? =)

boss posing with d gifts~ this was when finally everybody was satisfied with d resolutions n got to go back hostel!! but cudn rest much...-_-

n agn in dal! this time...dinner in multi purpose hall....but agn.... pictures first!

biro fotografi at work!

this one..baru masuk mph they owedi posing posing~ thus blockin d way for other ppl... haaaa!!! vain berabis!

music provider! n its really loud when played indoors...very d local sound~ =P

aaaahh~~ agn went hunting for potraits.... n yea they really enjoyed playin wit d instruments plus entertaining us... haha cute to see him playin eh... have natural music sense...=P

eating time!!! n gooooood foooooooood!!! hahaha so far i kept sayin d food is so good...! wat to do... biasa eat at cafeteria n at serikandi... d food arent tat interesting anymore...=( n this..... wat was good agn?? oooh! d beef! d salad! d..... i dunolaa...its really good!! lol!

yusre @ mus with his trusty hp!

haaaah!! informal grp pic when all d 'org org besar' went away...~

resco resco n more of resco grp pics!

it was sol's tie i tink? if not mistaken la... hehe duno wat happen to me... i went to use d tie for fun...@_@

while waiting for d van to pick us up.. more posing to do outside~~

d butterfly poses!

after waited for some time we were all asked to masuk back inside to discuss bout d tour 2mrw.. n i volunteered...cuz not enuf resco ppl to help out...@_@ then bli bla bli bla time to go back hostel!!! BUT those who volunteered had to stay back for discussion... -_-

haaa stayed up real late in d computer room!!! arnd 1 sumthin we were still there? n ksian our female boss.. too tired ehh~~

haaaa!!! d next morning!!! a tour!!!! arnd ubd first!!!!

uwaaaa nice weather tat day!! n we can say d mosque is like a tourist attraction~ they kept takin pics there...hehe~


passed by FOS n saw azri n safwan! shouted to them..they were blur.... haha of course! cuz i was wearing tudong! first time see me in tudong ehh!! =D

ok.... on with d tour~ we seemed so serious eh....

ok we reached near d admin liaw!! n they had a short rest there... hehe jason(person in yellow) n his signature pose! readers! u all nid to take note of him later... i tink i got few pics of him doing dat pose~hehe

we reached admin!! we actually wastes time mostly when we take pics... tats y were told to speed up n avoid takin pics too much! =P

now this looked freaky...haha macam wana kill sumone...@_@

checking d pics n takin more pics!

ok...time to go for a bandar tour!!! fadh is sooo in charge in this.. ehhe actually me n zanah spose to give instructions n tok to them in english... but since zanah sit waaaay back n im blur with d places arnd bandar so i cudn explain much bout d places... so fadh ended up doing d tokin~

in d bus~~

we reached our first stop! tamu kianggeh!!! i tink some managed to do a lil shopping... n its my first time here..=P not bad not bad~

dont d two guys on d left looked like brothers??? lol! n they r bending their heads lagitu!! synchronized! hehee

this! tryin out cakoi with kaya n planta inside.... seems like tey never try it b4? hehehe n owhh yeaa... the guy in black is org thailand.... on wed nyt he complained tat he tot he was a japanese! haaah! wat to do... he is so fair wa... when i first knew it i oso cudn blieve it maaa~

hikmah n zanah... wat u two looking?

on d bridge... ahhhh really fine weather~ hehe d pic above is as if d cloud is gona attack d building~ =)

posing outside tamu kianggeh... i didn know it can b a tourist attraction...@_@ i mus b takin things for granted!

i spot.... a guy posing!! lol! when he did tat i laughed n took d shot... n we waved! haaaa~~

can any1 tell me wat d polis blur box at d bottom of d lotsa no this no tat signs is??? im curious... deliver letters to d polic? @_@

reached tugu 60.... max n sevgi were sooo readin it...~

posing under d shade~

ahhhh takin pics here n there~ we really looked like tourist ehh~~

luckily tat day looootsa water taxis arnd~ they got to enjoy the view~ supposedly to ride in one of those but due to limited time!!! so yeaa....liat sajaa~

ive never seen this model b4... there's shade on top! =P memang me sakai... ehhee lama me no take time n relax by admiring kpg ayer~ =)

enjoying ourselves~

i loved d clouds!!!! they r like shredded cotton candy!!! =D

n i noticed.... an aged clock! =) i dun think u can find it anywhere arnd? very original to me~

d mosque under reconstruction~ syg they cudn go down n pose arnd there cuz limited time as usual... so terus went to royal regalia.....~

i cudn get this pic right... too much light i guess?? tryin to capture n top n d reflection underneath but i failed..=( cuz i remembered when i was really young... my dad took a pic of this...(a film camera like duh~ b4 no digital yet) n i tink its far prettier than this...! *disappointed* see la nxt time when im overly semangat to come here agn~

the thing at d top! i do they clean it? @_@

poser!!!! =D!!! haaa! mayb shud ask him to do d sleeping pose~=P

pretty girls~ ah wells... walked arnd d place n looked at d things arnd.... things haven really change much i tink?? owh i tink inside d gallery got change a lil... cuz i feel now its a lil smaller space n not much displays inside liaw~

as d time passes... we all got more comfy with each other...hehee~

due to budget thingies... we went to tapau nasi katok n ate in mall's food court.... those who wanted to eat extra ordered extra la... then hanged arnd d mall... i got myself a new 2gb pendrive n dq ice cream n 100plus n errr...-_- nuthin much... hehee not there to shop waaa!! we r there to guide ppl kaliah! we serious bout our job..=D

after mall.... jame!!! hehe but syg its off limits to non muslims liaw... we can only hang arnd d compound saja.... haaa~~ i remembered my sis b4 got an excursion n she went in! =( ngaaa~

after noon.... d clouds no more good good...~~ it looks like its gona rain.....=(

at dis time... most ppl r owedi tired.... hehe ksian~

ngeeeh! sowi for takin ur pic so big... =P

reached icc!! i haf nooo idea there's this grand thingy things there~~ lawaaa~~~

they love d art... ah wells... went for d book fair.... it was.... normal...mostly for kids la... n i got to get one manga... hehehe furuba vol.23!!! d last book~ leaving me to get vol. 21 n 22 saja... they out of stock wa... syg~~ -_- after tat... i am officially broke...-_- walked arnd alone.... n went to get drinks!! haah! very tiring laaar.. plus carryin my 'baby' arnd ah...-_-

yesh exhausted we r.... then after this... we went back hostel... ksian they cudn go to empire cuz d uncle who drove d bus had some function so had to go early...~

haaa! was sooo tired coming back from d trip...n managed to get half an hr sleep... had to do a slideshow presentation with ak.... of all places... we went to d room where all d washing machines r.... hehe most ppl duno wher we were even! when i went out to take pics... they where were u ah?? -_- ah wells... at least some tau la... ehhe ak did d slideshow cuz i duno how to do it...

8 sumthin then they started to eat... n by d time i went there... most food abis liaw....n kind erma offered me her fried rice... then wats left was ambuyat n chincalok n belacan.... but i got really satisfied by jus d rice, ambuyat n chincalok alone.. it was yummy!!d rice got mushroom inside~ yaaay!! n ambuyat!! lama no eat!!! *loves* hehehee n went back to where ak was... pijah got him food ...he had rice n chicken~ =/ nyhoots... d food wasnt tat enuf... i guess its jus enuf to fill our stomach? cuz ksian amal, our female boss... she used her own money to get most of d food n d resco team cooked them in d kitchen... aaah... d food mus b filled with love...tat mus b d reason y its tat good?? =D hehe wat me tokin!

everybody bz eating~ n me bz taking pics...~ seriously thanx erma! u saved my tummy! hehehe

in d kitchen~ hard workers cleanin dishes n d kitchen itself ^_^

a grp pic agn!!! this one they laugh specially y ah?? i tink it was bcuz yumie was spose to take their pic.... then she go take her own pic with them in d background!! lol! i wont dare to do tat eh...! haha she is brave!!

ok...went to check on ak agn~ n d slideshow is almost finished! tot of burnin them...but its was really too late to do he tried savin it into his hard drive....

this is d room!!! most of us envious when we saw d washin machines.... so many!!!!! ours like so buruk...-_-

natural posers!!! hehehe first pose...was... i tink jason's style!! n second.... ak's style! poutin berabis~~ hehe

back to d other room... max havin serious discussion with d mpp's'... as in serious!!! hehe then we rushed to get ready d slideshow... n sumthin happened!!!! it wasnt good!!!! had to delay.. n d guests were startin to get real bored...n i panicked.... n at last...its ok... but i wasnt feeling ok... cuz some pics.. kena applied d wrong effect..thus most pics were blur... n since its d pics i took.... n heard some napa ah mcam tu?? i was embarrased n pissed n asked ak wat happen in a high pitched manner n he shrieked a lil syain he duno oso!... i cudn stand it anymore... i walked off d room... to go to d washin machin room.... n was in tears already.... n rachel called me from aussie!!! i was sooo overjoyed!!! n i went emo with her!! terus i went crying~ i was soo lucky tat sumone called me at d right time.... i kept calling her name..'rachel rachel rachel~~~' eeeeps!! n we toked for quite some time la... i dun think anybody saw me cry....

tho rachel called... i still feel down n definitely moody n tired... then tey had this game thingy... i didn join.... n only then i knew sevgi, one of d mahasiswi... sprained her ankle.. she wasnt ther for dinner cuz she went out with fadh to get sovenirs in bandar... cuz in afternoon she was left out when they went to buy sovenirs. i felt sooo sorry for her.... but at least she got to see d night sceneries.... hopefully its worth it... =/

they looked like they really had fun~ but not for some of us...

ha! specially request amal to stand bhind d window.. duno wat to say bout this...=P after tat we rushed back to hostel.... jus b4 11pm!! n pijah's car went sasats... cuz it didn travel normally... d car was jus 'rolling' slowly.. we were all screamin in d car!! hehe but we got to reach d hostel safely!!! n owwh... b4 midnyt yumie n erma came over to see d pics.. n sumthin happened... there were all these 'spiritual-related' stories arnd hostel recently n at one pt. yumie tot i was possessed n she screamed right in my face!!! a loooooooooong high pitched scream!!!! i was like...wat?wat?wat?WAT??YUMIE!!! then i cudn tahan her scream tat i went to my bed n rested...goshh....nyaring laaaaa my head was like throbbing! erma was like... eh yumie y u shout kan?? n me- blank face- n wateva they said for tat few moments...i cudn absorb... mus b internal damage done..=P nyhoots.... when she screamed there were sooo many thoughts going round my head like...wat? is there sumthin bhind me? or a hand on my shoulder n etc etc..-_- then when go toilet tat nyt i felt a lil uneasy...-_-

after they left.. i felt... moody all over agn... n slept.... d next day.. ahhh msges concernin bout d burnt cds o wateva... ugh... i seriously dun care liaw... then lucky auzi was so caring...haha cuz i was unhappy n he tried to cheer me up=) ah wells... i didn hav d mood for d mornin... then at noon i slept agn.... then woke up, bath n wanted to go out! thus went out with ak to do some of his grocery shopping n we ended up went to send the lasst 2 students from indonesia to d airport...

they went in liaw..=( we were spose to lanja them when.. they suddnely went in early!! fadh was sad...-_-

sigh.... we'll fly soon... next yr hopefully... yesh eee's'?

ak - ahh fly.... canada~~


haha fadh specially msged him to go over to coffee bean there n we waved goodbye for d last time... sigh.... ah wells.... we went to have our dinner... then balik hostel... n off i go finish my en lab report~~~
aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh loooong last i abiskan this extremely loooong cerita.... sigh.. but i had a hard time... i was moody n tired! tired from wat??? tired from photography at one pt!!! when i look thru d pics... i hate most of them!! they didn looked good..... i was like... i duwan to touch a cam anymore!!! haaa! i was struggling within myself la... ngeeeh its d hormones i guess.....they r makin me miserable~~ sigh i mus b under stress at tat time too... but now... i tink the pics looked alryt agn.... @_@ i really needed to hug sumone... but there was none... thus i hugged my puppie~ the purple doggie from watsons.. -_- n erm... i missed his hug...=P

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