Saturday, March 29, 2008

sceneries during car wash~

shots taken during d car wash~ well most of d pics r jus in very normal ...for me la...~ ah wells.... still wana show sja~... this pic!!! sumhow it looks like a bird to me laaa~~ like a bird spreadin its wings~

d vlq n oso male hostel.... haaaa i love d clouds!!! seemed like gona hit d building~ lol!
n tat tree!! so such tree near female hostel... d nearest is like.... a forest~-_-

i wana show how shiny d car's window is~ hehehe... can see a nice reflection of d vlq~

then bored alil.... then walked to d mosque n took pics sja~~

hmmmm~ i haven research bout d crescent n d star... surely it symbolises sumthin but...i didn go find for it...~ ahhh~ im teruk un most ways~ hehe~

then aaaah!! d cloud has finally hit d male residential college!!!! uwaaa~~~
n this... stand in middle of road takin jus a shot~ n well.. i looove d feelin of standin in middle of road...not tat i wana..well.. bang myself...but.. there's this feeling~ haha but still i missed d feeling more when i stand middle of jerudong's road...~ d one outside empire~ hehehe

ahhh d walkway where it links d female to male residential college~ we girls hafta walk along this whenever nid to go to meeting at night~ romantic right?

i just haf a thing for dried up leaves n branches like these n ahhh~~ quite typical of me~ *i guess agn* hehe

after abis carwash... i saw this this rainbow!!!!!! next to d mosque!!!! perty!!!!! (but not tat a good shot~) aaaargh~~ dull in sum way... but yeaaa rainbow!!!

above vlq~~ sighh...i sooo love d skies~~~ no boundaries! hehe n yea.. i jus realised... d number of words in my bloggie is sumhow decreasing?? hahha wat to do... i tink im gettin lazy~ n d 'effort' to b able to update my blog is really really so much higher than d effort i put in in my academic studies~ teruk eh?? shoot... i nid my nerdiness back~~ uufffhh~~ hehehe

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