Thursday, March 6, 2008

hash+rain= sliding all over?

on wednesday.... woke up late at arn 10.. so cudn do any shopping.. so stayed at home when at arnd noon..papa came back n terus say go miri n collect pasport~ aaah!! went miri then colect d pasport n went to hav lunch then off balik to brunei to rush to go hashing....btw it was rainin heavily... since my parents very semangat wana go hashing... me no choice but to join!!

hujan lebat... used tuala cover my head.. haa! still soakin wet... haha n very syok is... i didn bring extra inside wear @_@ n yeaaa it was really challenging... when d hutan is wet.... d floor is muddy n u tend to sliiiide~ yesh i kept sliding here n there n it was tirin to stay balanced! haa~ n i got tired d first 5 min! haha luckily i came out in 45 min time... towards d end.. i cudn even lift my leg due to d muscle pain (haven recover from sunday's hash) n d weight of d water soaked in my pants...had my papa push me from d back~ haaaa ksian him =P

its really cold tat day.. after comin back out... it was still rainin... n d wind... cold!!

didn realise we r in hutan andulau? ha! dilarang masuk? we jus masuk as we please owh...@_@

started to discus bout d trail n how mixed up d tissue pprs r placed... n how d rain meesed them up n how slow d others r inside.... n ended up... in d end 3 ppl lost in jungle @_@

papa pai se go back early.. so we waited fr those 3 ppl.... n it was late nyt.. n its freakin cold tho after changing my baju... so stayed in car n fooled arnd with my cam n listenin to mp3s... luckily...sumone tapau food n ate la... n they called ppl for back up to help search for them in d forrest.... n luckily they found them!! got to go back by 8.30pm saja~~ argh~ one whole day..i did nutin fruitful... but i did exercise!! =D owh one of d hardest hash like seriously...

on thursday morning~ while i was still sleeping... sis went for her fren's wedding...she was one of d 'sisters' with her other close frens =)

hehehe cute~~ oh yea... me went to shop arnd with my mama saja in d mornin.. mals go with my sis.... cuz i wana sleep more =D

d 'sisters'... in chinese tradition.. d bride's close frens are known as 'sisters' tat day n help to deal with d guys before letting them to see d bride... such as... gettin money from them!! n d bridegroom's frens r of course 'brothers'.. d 'sisters' make games to kacau d bridegroom... then tats where d 'brothers' come n help him! hehe

my sis n her fren ponnie

wel... wish u both long life n happiness till white hair~ hahaha chinese idiom wa... i dont know how to translate properly eh.. =P hehe ah wells... at home? me slept 3hrs for d whole afternoon... n bath n ate n watch tv...n agn... ther's nuthing terms of studies....@_@ hahha relax during mid sem break i guess? hehe

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