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Japanese Language & Culture Week 08

ahhhhhh long last updatess........ i had a loooooong bz week wa.... no time to online n here it is! its about Japanese Language&Culture Week 08....
1st Day (Wednesday- 12.03.08)
I didnt went to help settin up the place and see the opening ceremony just cuz i had workshop in the whole mornin then afternoon... en lab to finish up the circuit....
then arnd 3.30pm... walked from FOS to Chancellor's Hall(CH) and saw all this kebesaranx2 cars outside~ haaa...

ok... d poster... to read.. pls click on it to enlarge....hehe but i tink i posted this a lil too late eh...but nvm.... pls admire d design... =P

when u masuk... u get to see these guys....welcomin ppl~ haha can also register for d bjfa-ubd club....
lotsa things happenin arnd there.... lotsa ppl.... like crowded! nywayz... got d koto performance... tea ceremony, calligraphy, kendo, aikido, etc.... but i wasnt able to witness all of them 'officially' since i came a lil late.... ah wells.. at least they still did some brief demo

ahhh d origami booth... sooo many colourful origami~~~ X-D

haaaa~ d workin ppl n guests...~ hahaha nice to see them so enjoyin themselves...
Night Time- Resco Meeting... til late night...-_- will tok bout this in the next post....
2nd Day (Thursday, 13.03.08)- whole class.... went only by 2 something... n jaga d jap music booth.. nah no particular booth since all d jap music, anime, technology, games booth are all linked! so jaga semua sajaa~

while i was sitting there.... these ppl ah.... very very into the game mood.... they were playin like in real life like tat=D

i tink they were learnin how to tie d yukata thingy... wrap wrap wrap~~

in sushi booth... was suppose to help out this booth... but luckily i didnt.... how can u resist such 'view' such as above in front of u the whole day??? n u cudn even eat it!!! its gona b pure torture!! hehee sowi wei kee....~ ur like having a strong mind n will to jaga this booth....~ *salute* lol! i tink im over reacting...~

haha afee looked...uhm... i duno... n taka looked relax?? btw its d calligraphy booth... they helped out in writin d guests names in japanese~
haha vain ppl~~i like ziman n analisa's pic...cute~ heehe n d 3 girls coverin their mouth.... macam 'ayu' sangat~ hehee... pic with the 3 lovely ladies kabur..... X-P

seriously.... i tink im fond of this pattern on the carpet tats on d middle stage.... cute~~

took this pic... due to the story of...... throwing chairs competition...! it started with throwin chairs to d person ur stressed out with.... to a throwin chairs spree~~~ since there's loootsa abandoned chairs there =P... but after takin this pic... i tink...its a lil eerie... dun u tink? seemed like lotsa... souls gatherin there? ahh my imagination shud stop... hehe

suddenly.. they said they need more ppl up in koto workshop... then me n azri rushed up to take pics arnd~ btw tats tan's back...~ =P

d ppl arnd... concentrating ehh.... hehe lotsa kids there too~~ glad most of them are interested.... d workshop lasted for arnd 2 hrs? the sensei showcased some songs n explained d instrument n everythin else in brief la... not bad...
a demo~ nice to listen... very comforting...

ai len was soooo interested in this.... n she really had fun playin with it... n when azri asked if they gona open a koto club....will we join... she said... 100%... i will join!!! waseeehh~ whereas i said... me 100% wont join! haha too bz la ppl~ hehehe

ahh i love d structure~ hehe n i find the 2 loops of string very cute! of all areas...i jus had to focus to d loops of string...~ n those white lil towers?? adorable!! haha~ n yea...they explained the instrument is like a dragon... d tail is d one with 2 loops of string... n the other side is the head... during the explanation... the head of d 'dragon' fell off... shocked us all.. =P costly eh the instrument... i tink.. i stick onto purchasing a camera saja...~

his name... i cant remember... but.. his nickname? the kendo boy! cuz he was in d almost full kendo uniform..

azri!! n his darn wide lens..... he said he malas wana take it out... shoot la... such a good thing to use... duwan to make it in good use... hahhaa~ nice la nicelaa~
ahhh making tea~~ so nice~~ i duno how.... cuz i didn go learn...ngaaa~~

hold ur breath! suck it in babe! hehehee...~ wearin yukata....~

ahhhhh jac, model of d day~~ hehe thanx for posing... i see when...i pass d pics to u la k? heehe

calligraphy~ nice!!! hahhaa i love the 'rawness' in them~ hehehe excludin d 2nd pic la... its jus plain...stamping of the word'japan'...~ hehe n d 3rd pic... they were all on the floor... they write for fun... n throw them at d bottom i guess... but its cool~ for me la~ i love lookin at calligraphy~~

haaah! me turn in wearin yukata~~ me likey likey~ very much likey~
ahhh i love this pic~~ haha thanx lim han! cuz.... er,,,,, azri was helping me takin pics... n cudn get a nice one... then lim han came over n took this~ ^_^
Night Time- went to Visiting Lecturer Quarters(VLQ) to menyambut the MMU students.... pls refer to the next post... =P

3rd Day ( Friday, 14.03.08)- went there arnd ten sumthin with wei kee... thanx for the transport girl! =D... n lim han(taicho) + chun tai=> couple pic??? X-D how can i miss that? ehhehe ah wells... ten sumthin there were still not many ppl arnd... so got to fool arnd saja~

taicho was bz challenging with a kid!!! n he lost.... a few rounds lagitu... wahahaha~ he was frust~ lol! had a fun time lookin at them playin wii ehh~~~

the games booth~ i never did get to play with any of them!!! =( pity pity pity~~

cute lil balls (one of the public's fav...they love to toss them arnd~) n d origama agn!!! they hav some attraction tat attracted me to take pics of them~~~ haaa~~~ n during lunch.. got kena lanja eat chicken rice... im not sure who... shud b minako sensei? but thanx to anyone who supplied d food n drinks! =D
then origami workshop~ there were pprs supplied to make origami n stuffs... i didn look at them cuz i was back to my booth.... doing my job wa eii~ hehehe

they had these for the public...~ its bookmarks n its for free! cute lil jap ladies~

rain seemed soo passionate doing the tea ceremony~ haha hope d ppl who did drink d tea made by the members can feel tat 'depth' delivered by them... =P ahhh wat me tokin =P

cute lil kodomo wearin yukata n posing berabis!!! kawaii!!!!! X-D except azri n yahui they all la... hehehe =P

then....starting of the bonodori workshop!! i didn know... d public was sooo eager in joinin it! it was fun lookin at them doing the bonodori n had fun!! it was great!! oh shoot... how i wish there's bon odori festival in brunei like in msia...~ ahhh~ hehehe
the main sensei's' in d bonodori workshop~really nice la~~

this japanese kid... he was soooo hyper tat he ran arnd the place like wat...n i banged into him! i was tryin to run to the other side... n he came runnin n we..'banged' he fell to d floor... n i tried to help him out n he fell agn! i was feeling guilty... but he stood up n start runnin elsewhere... he sure is energetic~~

d other jap kid had fun too!!!! seriously...if u all were there... u can feel they were really having fun! a very positive aura~~~ ^_^

next.. yo sakoi!!! last sem i was able to join.... but this sem... i totally didn go for the trainin sessions at all due to bz-ness... ngaaa.... syg~~ but seriously...its a cool dance~ but very tiring~ lotsa ppl strained their muscles n nerves n stuffs.. hehe

not long after... they were still energetic to dance agn... see how d ppl got attracted to d dance? it started with only few ppl.. then at d back...ppl kept sambung n sambung~ X-D

i see.... gloria!!! hahahhaa gloria~~ lama tak jumpa~~ hehe soon i'll send ur pic to u k?? soon~ as in... few weeks time?? @_@ oooops~ hehhee

wore different yukata n posing with d leng luis...wei kee n yee jan!!! kyaaaaaaa

me n minako sensei...~ she is soo cute... n she spoke to me in jap.... n i replied in english....~ haha sowi my japanese not tat good la... she was askin if im ubd student.... she duno me in bjfa eh...~ haha cuz im not active lately... ah wells... next sem mayb?? @_@

takin random randomy pics.. some plain crazy n fun! 1st pic...posed with rain...n yahui came from nowhere n posed at d back... 2nd pic... taka tryin to hantam ai len....n i tried to stop him! but ketara we this acting saja... smile soo wide! hehe 3rd pic- sakai ppl~ hahaha nowa... i love d bow at d back~ its jus so perty isnt it?? 4th pic.... me tryin to kiss kiss yee jan n she gave tat disgusted look~ =P 5th pic... taka being 'normal' here...~ 6th pic- yahui willingly to b our 'husband' n us as d concubines...n ai len?? our servant.. lol!

takin pics with others.... thanx sol for takin pics for me~~ n ahh ang ang! ai len~ then azri! =P

me admire the stripes n how d ties n knots are intertwined or somethin together~

azri being very very serious here by being a 'model'... sticked the 'for display only' onto himself... n he really went posing very very stiff! looked like real eh...he posed n tahan for few min time! high level of concentration he has!
Night Time- i cudn remember what i did! like seriously.... i tink i rested in my own room?? lookin thru d pics i took? haaaa~

4th Day(Saturday, 15.03.08)- The last day of the Jap Wk!!! ahhhh didn know time flies so fast~~ went there arnd... 9 something? n a grp of students from i duno wat school came to visit... loooots of them !! n had a lil hard time la.... cuz d ppl in charge of d games werent there! thus i haf no idea what to was...bowhh hanani o hanni helped me out since she knew how to handle d wii thingy~ haaa they were really into d game... played til they duwan to go back eh..=P

blowing up d ball for the girls to play~~~ i wana play too~ hehe

over at my booth? it was kinda difficult to jaga them all at once.....! they kept askin bout d suits of the masked rider, ultraman those type la.. like.... how they do it ah? n i replied...kakak sendiri pun tak tau~ hahaa how i know? getah?? n?? nyeh... n they were lookin at d displays n holding them...causin them to drop n stuffs.. hahaha kept fixing them back in place~ well.. they love lookin at them...

nadia... when she started stickin the 'pls dont take away' onto herself n stayed arnd there~ haha~adding words like... hehehee main main arnd the booth saja~

another serious moment of wii... gosh.. lookin at him...really macam pro gamer ehh... mine ah... sure...tak bergaya~

there he went mental~ wana kill dat paper teddy~

whole mornin stayed there... then 15min b4 my class... i went to drink tea!! yaay! minako sensei made it for me!! so takut t was hot... but its not! it was just right...n its not bitter... its just tea! =P azri n tan were so concentrated in lookin at her each n every movements~ n owh thanx azri n rain for d pizza~ my lunch! hehe

after class... rushed to CH.... arnd 5 something... n they started to pack things up liaw~ =P

n able to witness taicho's kendo skills~ i always feel fascinated by his skills.... love lookin at him doing his 'thing'...~ well... last sem if got time i still ada go see their kendo session...but this sem... no time...again!! arrghh~~

in d sushi booth...suddenly i saw all these cutes lil paper plates! i didnt know can write there~ i tink its really nice!!!

japanese products~~ ohhh never seriously try japanese curry... got la.. at kaizen b4.. curry chicken in sushi...not bad la..i tink?

ok.. packin up!!! hehe mr koh seemed like he's stealin em away~~ ngaaa~~

ooooo! sushi chefs~~ sent all those delicacies over~~~ sushi fiesta!!! X-D!!!

went outside... was surprised there were dogs brown one black.... n they almost masuk... but for some reason..(which i duno wat) they retreated n went away... mayb they felt something to preventin them from masuk?? @_@

chee chee was outside waiting for her transport~ she paise masuk d hal since most of them were members~ ah wells...~ still syg u girl~

otw in.... rain vainin against the door??? @_@ syg blur... got another one...with flash.. but he doesnt look good there... hehe

*gasp* a warrior....biting a flower n holding a..... erm... stick? sposedly to b a warrior... but for me.... looked more like fisherman to me...~ nywayz.... once upon a time.. there's a warrior using a stick as his weapon....

n he met his match! at last!! another warrior carryin scissors! whenever he tried to attack using his 'stick', d other warrior wud snip snap the stick til short... n finally...cuttin his flower~ @_@ thus.... d warrior is no longer a warrior....-_- hahaa *lame*

sushi alert everyone!!! time to gather n eat!!!!!

ahhhhh all bjfa members gathering for d food~~n fun!!!! yummy yummy yummy berabis!!! n they were sayin d wasabi wasnt hot at all... wooooot!! hahaha crazy~~

choppin the tree away~ hard work..ppl.... hard work!! not tat easy as it seems~

seems to me like they r all bullyin him~=D

time for cleansing rituals~~~ taicho was tryin to clean wei kee~ lol!

then he started tellin us the story n meanin of d two fishes... it symbolises how many male anak u hav... if u hav two... u hang it wish them well, good health n stuffs la..

n he started tokin bout mumbling incoherently bout the cleansing ritual... then to 10,ooo bc movie.... n he started to act how d movie is.... with d ppl mumbling n stuffs~ lol! u ppl shud see how hilarious his actions are... no words from me can tell how crazy d situation tat was.... heheehe

wani was soooo excited gettin hold of tat fishy thingy~ she said... i want my baby boys~ hehehe

d seniors...~ resting there~

shoot... i shud haf asked them if i can take any of them back~ hehehe nice waaa~~ good quality bamboo~ hehehe nice decor~ for me laa...=D

'yea stab me! i fancy tat!' -_- by my imagination la...thru afee's facial expression =P

ahhh last pic taken in d jap wk~~ ahhh~~ nice nice nice~~~ had fun! i had fun! as in...syok!! but its as if its soo soon tat it ended! ngaaaa~

Night Time- went empire with mmu n resco~ n agn... nxt post ppl~ =) well hope u enjoy~

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