Friday, March 7, 2008

cute pics~

just because i was reminiscing the past... then go korek korek some cds... i found d kuching trip! it was in nov 2005.. n papa got his Nikon D70 few months before that... hehe... cant believe its more than 2yrs punya camera~ hehe tahan lasak~ n still good~ ^_^ nywayz below r some of d pics me like~ jus wana share arnd hehe...

my sis! copyin d patungs' faces... hehe nice!

went to this park o zoo o wat i cudn remember... n this eagle is soooo cute!!! it kept goyang its head la... cute!! hehehe in d pic.its like its saying..'watcha looking at??' >.<
i totally love this.... its like a soft filter effect~ taken by my sis~ hehee

transparent body fishes? @_@ they looked interesting! but no idea wat they r... hehehe they looked like ikan bilis in a way to me la... =)

n today.... malaskan ku pergi hash~ its my first day~(girls shud understand this.... )n its freakin annoying n made me upset a lil....darn d stomachache~ darm em! -_- thus no strength to do any revising.... @_@ naaah reasons agn for me~ =P

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