Sunday, March 30, 2008

i hate gettin sick~

ok.... im now lazy to blog... cuz im tired of everything! all d slightest 'loud noises' pissed me off! n im easily annoyed!!! ah.... nah conclusion: IM SICK! due to i duno wat reasons!!! i hate it....hate hate hate~ it makes me weak n lazy to do stuffs... (well not tat im rajin to do things to start with=P) but i got lazier...n freakin darn throat of this is makin me malas to tok... but wanted to chat instead lol~~~ ahhhhh i really wana hug my sygs~~ d last person i hugged...maggie~~~ gosh i was teary when i met her~ cuz its really been a while~ n lookin at her face...~-_- n rachel too!!! totally teary when i saw al d pics she uploaded in her blog~ ngaaaaaa n i missed razan, wani, fish, lysa n all those scattered malauz arnd n timun too(haha told him liaw)~~~ uwaaaa~~ im in d 'missing' mood~ ah wells... will update when i wana update agn laaa~~
love u ppl~~~ *mwaks*

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