Thursday, March 20, 2008

jap week displays~

ahhh my name!!! luckily on first day i asked for my name to b written!!! cuz on 2nd 3rd 4th... no more!! hehehe... er actually my second name... got some different strokes tho..but its okla....~

pink gundam!!! of all!!! tats y its so unique~~~ lol~ not bad la.... ~ at least better than the female gundam founf in G Gundam... tats d ugliest gundam ever~ -_- disgrace to girls ehh...-_-
nice lil model there~ n d kids... when they saw this... know where they will notice first? -_- i'll leave u ppl with ur imagination to tink saja~ =P
this magic box!!! loootsa hair parts la, legs, bajus, acesories for makin cute lil patung's'

cute! totally adorable!! but a lil fragile... cuz when d kids hold them n looked arnd.. their head rolled out... @_@ wahhaha~
i like this!! ada scooter lagi!! cute!!!

gundam wing!!! i dun hav a tripod o sumthin for me to rest my hand.... thus not tat perfect a shot.... but still not bad...for me la... wana potray those 'wings'~ one of my fav models wa... wat to do... its just perty~

oh have mercy on me!!!!!! im tiny n ur big!!!! let me b free!!! X-(

cho kawaii!!! she's actually holding sotong in one hand~ hehe

the other cute girl~
sakura!!! haiyaaa! il destroy the evils!hehhe wat me toking...

meaaaaooow~~~ hello!!! its just sooo overly cute tat i cudn resist it~~

kyaaaa made of paper agn~~~ ahhh~ me hearts u~ hehe

robo.....cats n dogs?? hehe i never touch them at all... cuz... i duno how they function....'y dun u learn to operate them?'...if tats wat u wana ask me....i wud agn a pemalas n procrastinator.... ughhhh noooo~~~ im myself...-_-

more robots~ hehe saw them move tho... hmm i wonder how much is one ahhh?? -_-

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