Saturday, March 29, 2008

just a day~

on last saturday, 22.03.08.... went to bandar with shan's transport.... sent me to hostel cuz i goooot looootsa things to carry(things for d resco shop) n had to do few trips to d shop...carryin those darn heavy things~ hehhe...nvm...bilding up my triceps n biceps~ =P then unpacked my stuffs in my room...n off me go walk to campus....since shan in library for mib... went to fos to find d en class to sit n relax...then.... was occupied... so went downstairs n joined d chinese seniors...
in d lab~ liang n ling with their hands~ hehe duno y... it amuses me lookin at them..hehhe naah i was there for some time when liang came in~ gosh~~ at least im not d odd one out~

this! azri's arms.... ermm distorted in sum way...hehe n chieh! u tink he very rajin do work??? saw azri o safwan's cam... he was actually playin solitaire~ n wani! studyin with all those pprs arnd~ =D

after en class.... me chee shan irn n liang crazily go for a ride n kepo over to see Giant since its their grand openin tat day....used d rimba road...n we saw.... @_@ n all of us went...waaaaaaah!!!! wah wah wah wah wah!!!!!! hahaha sasat ehhh.... how can they 'enjoy' such 'grand opening' by dat dat...dat i duno wat to say~~ then we terus... say nooo! we r not visitin giant on 22.03!! =P got class one hr later kaliah... haven had lunch even~~ hehe

hehe bz takin pics outside~ n d breeze?? strong enuf to blow my hair to a new hairstyle~ -_-
wats more shockin was... ppl really sooo supportive of giant tat they parked sooooo far n willing to walk so far!! omigosh~~ steady ehhh~~ =P then after tat....went back cfteria for lunch then to en class~

those is wat we do in en class... 'modelling'...~ hehe this is chee's artwork~ wat to do... we were doin basic stamp.... n we totally duno anythin bout it...n we were in..... blank!

this is chee's artwork too! this is how she see solehin~ wahahaha cuz of his hair wa... n turned out tat it looked more like 'predator'!!!=D

this is irn's artwork.... n agn..... sol! playin soccer~~

this... statue of a thinker!!! irn's artwork agn~ n well... this actually represent auzi~ hehe he had lots of things in his mind tat day...n we dedicate this for him =) well except with tat lil bulge on tat..erm area...if u know wat me tokin..=D
modified thinker! leanin more with a coconut tree behind~

this is specially for chee~ for her 'no.1'~ happy? =)

new family addition!! a giraffee by chee!! i know i know!! had been creatin durin d class... but hey~ nid a break wa~ =)

d block -> me, d legs-> irn~ well this is jus a senseless thing la... well spose to make spongebob squarepants~ but but... hahhaha duno la how this~ hehe

this.... when listenin to dr frank... then i wasnt concentratin... i cudn! cuz i dun really get wat he really say~ soo kept my hands bz with d blutack~ hehe n made this... i tink it expressed my feelings quite well~ i was like... raaaaawrrr~~ =P

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