Wednesday, March 5, 2008

no achievements made... but.... =D

on tuesday morning...had to wake up early to go miri to do my pasport... n it freakin rained.... -_- no good for a day out~~ hehhe but its okla... its not tat hot.... n owwwwh outside seriz plaza....flood!! sooo fast!!!! ngaa~

reached miri... sent car to a car to use... then breakfast... uhmmm not tat satisfied but satisfied~ =P

otw to d building saw this cuuuute lamp post!!! its horn bill!!!! XD me like~ hehehe but d pic looked a lil too gloomy n d colours r dull eh??? =( i'll try to do sumthin nxt time... like wait for a good weather~ =D

made our pasport n d building was totally cold!!!! cold cold cold!!!! -_- n yea this my first time using d overhead bridge... i mean walkin d whole way back n fro d parking building~ hehehe

went jln here n there n there n here n i got nuthin =( cuz i cudn get d thing i want pictured in my head.... =( disappointing...o maybe im really not into shopping tat much o isit tight budget?? @_@ heeeh! btw d waffles in bintang plaza is very d nyaman to d max!! its soooo crispy!! different from wat i usually hav in brunei... n d isi? peanut+choc~ =P *slurps* it got my mom hooked too!! hehehe my mama is like a food critic... very difficult to satisfy terms of food i mean... hehe she approve of this!! hence... its good =D plus its only rm1.80 ~ =D

otw out...saw these tiang-tiang that's spose to 'hold' d weight of d building above.... itss soooo tiny!!!! sooo scary la... d weight on top myt cause d building to rumble due to gravity..... ok... MYT! ngeeeeh me scare scare~~

reached back home arnd 7o8? n we shopped.... uhmmm..nuthin tat important for me to type it here.... owwwwhhh ate at kfc n got this mug!!! sooo cute!!! but i want d red one!!! its soo cute!! but out of stock... soo sasats! n owwwwh.... 'har gaw'(shrimp dumpling) very nyaman ~~ ate in one of d mini stalls... mama got satisfied too!! =) aaahhhh i dun care anymore bout restricting my food intake~ im jus gona eat wat i like!!! XD

got this from hot cross buns.... looked sooooo adorable tat i cudn resist but to buy it!! hmmmm looks good=makes more sales.... sounds soo like reality eh...~ (if u know wat i mean..=P)

me playin arnd with it!!! hehehe n d result is.... its not tat nyaman...@_@ myt work on kids tho.... -_- a lil dry for me...uhm i dunola.... try once on this enuf liaw....but not bad... it lifted my spirits in some way?? hahaha nadawaa..... but i tink i tire my dad out today... made him walk here n there~ XD sowiiii was tryin to look for a gift waa~~ n still i see none.... hmmm im gona catach my mama n go shopping 2mrw arnd kb~ =P

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