Saturday, March 29, 2008

car wash 23.03.08

woke up a lil late(as usual) then went down everybody left me... n i had to carry all those things to d pc rum...msged em to get me...~ n zanah rupanya haven go oso! so she helped me out... ahhh... at least... then reach male hostel n set those things up~ n there it is! mini stall~ =)

ok time for mornin exercise!! hehe suzy n yate compiled d music d night before~last min work! n still its used two times~ hehe good ehh??nywayzz everybody enjoyed it!!! =D

then grp pic with d timbalan dekan pelajar~~

ok!!! lets get to work!!!! first car free of charge! cuz to rasmikan d event~ then d rest pay la... wash outside $4 then clean in n out $6.. for ex resco all discount by a dollar~

a reporter!! hehe ive seen him b4 i tink~~ he seemed familiar~
ahem ahem~~~ leng luis alert~~ erma my shop helper~ then lucy mzah zanah clean car~

then my turn!!! with hikmah, erma, yusre, wan.. wan looked in round!!!!!!!wahahhaa he kept sayin he looked like telur~ good good!

erma n yumie~~ foolin arnd~~

okok... so ppl first sign in then start off by cleanin d inside vacuum la...clear rubbish la... then...wash outside... from front to back from top to bottom~ then polish~~ wax la here n there~ then pay at ma counter~ =D

jeremy~ with his erm... 'protective' gear~ using towel n ubd tie to secure his towel... n a cap! -_-
ok...durin prayer time... everybody got to rest for few moments~

this! suzy went snap loootsa pics with my cam... n she loooooves takin candids~ =)

then us random random shots~

amal's fist! duno wat she so angry with .. n suzy took a pic of it! nice suzy!!

then lunch!!! ahhhhh we were worned out!!! d weather was teruk~~ no wind at d foyer area ehh~~~hot ah hot~ plus we super duper hungry n d order soo lambat datang~ ughh

mat noor's food~ nyaman eh?? my first time lookin at this double cheeseburger... so this is wat auzi toked about...~ nxt time sja i go try~ hehee seems good~ hehe

ok...while resting agn... it was in front of me..then i took this pic sja.... random as usual~ meaningless actually...i guess? haha

some of d things they used for d cars~~how much they used for all d things?? haaa....lets jus say over budget...~ -_-

ok..this.... ayoi aka boss vainin himself with d cool lookin bike there~~~ =D

there it is!! cool lookn bike!!
ziman tryin to sniff the wax thingy o is he attemptin to try on his face??

look! no hands! d hose supports itself!! mat noor was jokin arnd not wastin energy to hold it n stuff~ n he kena marah by us~ hehe

ok...! HUGE tyres!!!n kachik willing to b d model for it~

by d end of d day.... d last car... n look hoooow shiny it is????? lawa kaaaaan??? hehehe so pls support us when d next time we have car wash k??? one disadvantage is tat.... u nid to wait la.. hehe normally they either sit there n chit chat o spend time in d cftria~ but yea... if u willin to tok... we r also willing to tok~ hehe d whole grp...washed arnd 17cars...inclusive mornin n afternoon shifts~

packin d place up n clean d surroundings~n balik hostel!! n thanx azhar n mamih for d kupon for me n suzy to hav dinner in serikandi~ hehee n goshhhh....a tired day!!!! i really did enjoy it!! it was not bad at all!! hehehe when next car wash yate>????

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