Tuesday, March 4, 2008

i am... emosi?

ngaaa desktop with chee's lamp post~ took this pic myself~ *bangga* hahaha as long as i love d pic...its enuf~=D

darn auzi when did he type that into d document?? he a spy!!!! hahaha but it made me cheered up a bit....auzi!!!!! X-D

on sat....when shan said sumthin bout dim sum... n we were like...sure? jian liang asked also.. really ah?? then off we go makan at d food court la.. uhmm.. sum not bad sum overly bad..-_- need to dip into chili sauce to cover tat terukness of it... uhmm... 5 dishes for $9 owh... not bad i guess?

on sun rested d whole puas n online puas! hehhe then on mon... when went out wit mama.... me in d car waiting then saw this outside wywy restaurant! waaaahhh video apa they all? @_@

n im overly moody n temperamental n emotional n wateva it is.... makin wateva poses r those... n i realised.. i haven vained in a long time... as in close up shots.... lol! see when~ =P

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