Saturday, March 8, 2008

i am... observant?

on saturday! went back to ubd for this en1201 class to make up for d class we missed on national day.... argghhhh gona go insane when thinkin of d things we haven done...~ time is like sooo limited to us! there are so many compartments that we need to finish up in d workshop!! omigosh~ irnnie, ozzy! lets do our best! X-P

after d workshop... went to hostel to put sum of my things first...then jian liang kept ajak-ing us to go for lunch... so we went... it was over at menglait... n syg yen chee wasnt there with us.. she folowed her sis's transport... =/ oh... d food? it wasnt tat bad... it was alright... no...'woow' effect...from me... =) but ksian shan~ she waited for her food for quite some time...when suddenly they really forgot her order! so she waited agn... by d time it came... some of us finished eating liaw....

more candids! ehe... ten of us~ not bad la... enjoyed it~ hehe n owh cuz we went there at different times... thus there were so many bills.. tat sylvester took d trouble to calculate them by mind when...pauline asked for all of the bills n asked d waitress to help sum them up =D such an easy thing ei? lol! after arnd 1hr... shan sent me back home~ ^_^

not long i got back... papa came back n brought me n mama out for makan makan over at tudng saji~ ahh! lama no go there.... n ngam ngam d sks workers abis kerja... n loootsa them riding bicycles over to d tamu~

haha mus b gettin bored wit me takin pics like this eh? same layout with all d tiang-tiang there n my parents' backs~ ^_^

i see this structure at d top...~ gasp! did i notice triangular shapes??? boowh~ dr frank! i saw i saw!! lol! wats d big deal ppl? triangular structures are strong! just like wat we did for last sem..i mean building a bridge project... n chee n shan won it hands down! totally beautiful n a strong bridge~ ngaaa i tink im out of topic! hehe

on closer look.... *gasp* where's tat somebody to clean em? no wonder they dun dare to switch on d fan eh... n erm i dun tink they will use d lights...since night time... they r not open? hmm...

anothing my mama! i was enjoying my chendol+corn drink when my parents said something bout this... n i was blur....

on closer look... @_@!!!!! papa was saying.. owwhh its a dried mini shrimp!!(in a sarcastic way) i was like.... nooo! its a.... @_@!!!! nooooo!! how can this thing appear on my fav rojak stall???? then papa was smilin n said...nyaman eh... good n healthy for ur body eh...! -_-"" ah wells.. he informed d lady in charge... n she didn charge us at all... -_- ah wells.... no... this wudn dampen my love for this stall..~ ^_^

otw back to d car.... sks workers were seen gatherin in a grp~haha i really random~ then in few min time... they all went away~

when papa n me waiting under d shades of d lovely trees for my mama(she bz buying veges) .. heard birds chirping loudly.... n when i look at em.... seemed like they were playin arnd.. but longer observation? they were actually mating... ! haaa~ i didn mean to intrude ur privacies birdies~~ =P

this pic made me think of a ziraffee neck n a lion head @_@ wat do u all think?

then i turned arnd n i saw this really cute but old bike bside d tree~ haaaa~ nice~~ the trees were really really pretty! =D but too bad i didn concentrate on d colour green more...thus its a lil dull on colour...? photoshop?? naaah i dont know how~ =P

prefer a lil bit of under or a lil bit of over exposed effect due to different light absorption?hmmm i tink... i like both... hahaa both has different beauties in their own~ ^_^

then passed by d area where 7 ppl passed away in d fire... the white uniform ppl aka d forensic unit were still there lookin arnd hopin to find more info if possible.. n i think it is really confirmed tat one of them still missing (person/body yet to b found) is one of the hashers...cuz they still cudn get in contact with her plus her car is still parked bside dat burnt down building...@_@ well...i really dont know how to react~ =(

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