Thursday, March 20, 2008

labs n workshop~

on thursday morning...(13.03.08) ph1104!! aah! the first half an hr.. very susah ehh~ dr lai kept askin us wat did we learnt.. hehe n our answer?? like rojak...~ nggaaa~

spent looots of time with d convex n concave lenses~ hehe even me sendiri confuse eh.. lookin at all those lenses...~ ngaa~

hahha funny to see them with d lenses eh..~ we were tryin to make our own 'telescope'.... n were asked to look at d car plate number of d red car outside d bio department...(apparently its was a-yoi's car..=P) n as for me.. i cudn see d number.. loootsa colours arnd tat area... mata juling ehh~

on saturday (15.03.08)- en 1201 time~ ahhh envious ehh of chem ppl's neat!

they were jokin bout using this instrument to dry sol's hair...since it was kinda 'wet' =P

art of ikebana(flower arrangement) .. haha seriously looked like flowers waa~
auzi was like... duno eh..i duno how to blow the thing ah.... wei wei then helped him with one... n next agn... auzi agn say i still duno eh.. n wei wei helped agn.. til she did 3 of them i tink..-_- auzi ohhhh auzi!!! u ahh~~

auzi fooling arnd with my camera~

look how red dr frank is??? tat auzi la... he was playin arnd with d camera...then dr frank was posing...n auzi didn notice! he went focus other things... causing dr frank to blush~~ n i terus took his pic~ hehee sir.... u still good lookin la.. no worries...=P

on wednesday afternoon....workshop!(19.03.08)- still doing d acrylic stuffs.... sposedly 1-4...ended up... spendin time til 5pm... ah~ n d worse possible scenario happened! d holes dont coincide~~~ argggh~~ cant do anythin but to place 3 screws instead of 4... very ugly~

d milling machine~~ susah to take out d thingy there... i did it too... n i almost fell.. hahha~ sigh...being kinda sasat~ hehehe i wana b taller!! but..... =( ah wells... nvm...i love my height laaaaa~~ hehehe~

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